Saturday, January 26, 2019

Thyme for A Truckload of JOY

Over the holidays I was so busy painting that I got really behind with my BLOGGING!
I have lots of projects to show you!

I am going to show you a project 
A Truckload of JOY

Design by
Laure Paillex

My Palette

Snow White, Zinc, Watermelon Slice, Santa Red, Forest Green, Foliage Green, Tuscan Red, Lamp Black

Serene, Relic, Everlasting White

I decided to SUPER Size this design.

I sized it to 2' x 3'.


I began by mixing DecoArt Multi Purpose Sealer (1):(1) 
Serene Chalky Finish Paint

I base coated my surface with this mix using a

I let that dry well.
I then buffed lightly with fine sand paper to smoothen any raised grain.
I wipe away any dust.
I then applied a top coat of Serene ( no sealer added).
Let dry.

I then used a "chip brush" to streak Everlasting White over my surface.
To do this I began along one side edge of the board and streaked all the way across. 
I then rotated the board and streaked from the opposite side.
When dry I transferred the pattern to the surface.

The first layers of color (underpainting) 
are placed 
to define the basic shapes and spaces of the composition.
They also provide an even reflective background for the more transparent colors which follow.

 Next I base coated the letters
  J-O-Y with Zinc.
In this step the letters look streaky but the color evens out in the next step.

In the next step I painted the individual sections of the truck with brush mixes of Watermelon Slice + White.  

I painted the lighter pink hues on the door, and fender. 

The hood, bed, cab roof are darker pink.

When completing the letters the color value changed from Zinc (dark gray) at the top to a lighter gray mixture of Zinc + White (2): (1) at the bottom of each letter. 
I then used a "chip brush" to drag streaks of White over the completed letters.

Next I filled in the tree shape with thinned White.
I put a piece of painters tape along the edge of the truck bed for this step.

I used an angled stiff brush to give shape to the tree branches.

I used a liner brush with a thinned mix of Santa Red + a bit of Black ( dark red hue) to outline the doors, window, and the truck bed. 
I then used a round brush to apply the first layer of Santa Red to the truck. 
I kept my paint thinned. 
You can do this with H20 or use some Drying Time Extender.
Be sure to let dry between coats!

I added additional shading on the edges of the truck bed,  before shading the fenders and front bumper. 
I again used a mix of Santa Red + Black.
The tree and wreath were painted using a mix of Forest Green and Foliage Green.
Once the tree was dry I  loaded the long bristles of an angle brush with White to tap on the snow.

I brushed a thin wash of White onto the door window, windshield, rear window and headlamp.
I placed a heavy line of Zinc/Black along the running board.
I dry brushed on the White highlights.

Working on wheel detail.

I spattered flecks of snow using White all over my piece.
I then added heavy accents of accumulated snow and ice to the truck.

Close up of truck.

I decided to personalize my truck.
My father- in- law was a plumber by trade. He drove a RED pick up truck.
I put his business logo on the door of the truck.
I sealed my piece with

I displayed the piece over the mantle.

I decide to take my "Red Truck" theme a bit farther after finding this truck surface while at NET.

Painted truck in progress!

I gathered some wreath making supplies.

I attached the truck to a fresh wreath for my porch.

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt 
provided the paints to complete this project as part of their 
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint
A Truckload of JOY

Happy Painting!


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