Saturday, October 31, 2015

It's THYME for Pumpkin Harvest a design by Kim Hogue

 I wanted to show you a new project 
that I have painted
design by

Step inside my STUDIO and lets get started!

My Pallette

Canyon Orange, Lamp Black, Black Green, Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Williamsburg Blue, Black Plum, Traditional Burnt Umber, Bittersweet Chocolate, Jack O'Lantern Orange, Marigold, Antique White, Burnt Orange, Honey Brown, Neutral Grey, Avocado, Sand, Warm White, Camel, Driftwood, Ultra Blue Deep, Heritage Brick, Espresso, Antique Green, Sable Brown

This was a BIG project to do
I enlarged my design to 19 1/2" by 15"

I cut a piece of masonite to paint this piece on

I transferred the 
TOP portion 
 the design 
graphite paper

I painted this piece in 
THREE sections
which I will show you as we go along!

Each section was basecoated then details added later to each section

Starting with the TOP section
I added some shading and highlights to the bowl

Kim adds LOTS of details to her designs
Her directions are VERY detailed and usually many pages!

I use the 
LARGEST brush 
possible when shading to get the best float
3/4" - 1" FLAT

It is also important to buy the best quality brushes you can afford for the BEST results!

Take it SLOW 
one step at a time
 you will see the results 
which are always stunning 
Kim Hogues 

I'm starting to paint
orange pumpkin in the bowl
The shading needs to be built up gradually to create good value change and form

I'm adding some shading and highlights to the orange pumpkin

I am now working on the white pumpkin in the bowl

I am now working on the harvest banner

Close up of my work so far!

Now lets start to paint the crock

A lot of the shading in this project is done by layering your values to achieve form
I started the crock by randomly scumbling in values to achieve a rusty look

I later did a wash over the painted areas of the crock.
I kept the wash transparent so as to bring out all the tints I had previously created

Now to add shading and details to the crock

I am now starting to add details to the sheep

The texture of the sheep 
was achieved by by taking the tip of my stylus 
swirling it thru the white paint before it dried

 I am working on the wheels and base of sheep pull toy

I painted the string and ball on pull toy

I am now going to start painting
that the house is on

The cabinet is fun to paint!

I started by creating an 
 of the 
2 draws
on the cabinet

Creating a 
wood grain 
look is fun!

I have a very old 
antique pie safe 
my dining room

I studied the wood grain in it to help me paint the little cabinet!

( Yes...that is another Kim Hogue piece hanging over it called SPIRIT OF SUMMER)

Close up of the wood grain on cabinet

I used 
distressing sticks 
to complete much of this project.
With distressing you will achieve texture, 
additional accents, and value changes.
Distressing eliminates
 having to add a lot
shading, highlights and detail

Prior to starting to paint the house
I did a lot of 
with a 
sanding stick

By using 
sanding stick 
I created worn areas on the house

I am now adding shading and wood grain to the house

I have painted in the windows

I am now painting the roof

The roof is painted to look like metal

I am now painting 
  tin stars and bittersweet wreath 
on the roof

Close up
 of the 
cabinet and house

I am now painting the large fabric pumpkin

In order to achieve achieve
I first 
scumbled and tapped 
with my brush 
in the
  light areas

I used my liner brush for detail

It is always good to take a look at your work from a distance now and then!

close up of 
fabric pumpkin detail


It's coming along!

I am now starting to paint the large strip

I am painting the blanket stitching on the flowers

Close up of blanket stitching


I will now start painting the tin panel

I scumbled in the highlights to give it a tin look

I repeated the shading to darken the tin panel

I am now adding the straw to the bowl
the stems leaves and berries in the crock

I deepened the shading around the edges of the top area

I am now adding the stems, leaves and berries to the fabric pumpkin

My husband made the frame for this piece which I painted Lamp Black

I sprayed my piece with several good coats of
before framing

My finished Pumpkin Harvest Project hanging in my dining room!

I would like to thank DecoArt for providing me with the paints to complete this project
as part of their


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I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint Pumpkin Harvest!

Remember to always paint with a happy heart!
Keep those brushes flying!



  1. I love it!!!! Thanx for sharing all your photos. This painting is beautiful. Sure wish I could paint like that.

  2. If I had but one dream it would be to visit you, to set and watch you paint, you are amazing
    at what you do. Big Hugs

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! My dream is that some day you can visit!

  3. Catching up on your blog...what a beautiful finished product...


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