Thursday, June 12, 2014

It is THYME for the Spirit of Summer

Spirit of Summer
is a design 
Artist Kim Hogue CDA

I painted my design
on a large old wood tray

that I found in a thrift shop

This is a rather large tray measuring 25 1/2" x 15"

I have a Kopykake projector that I use for enlarging patterns

I divided and cut the pattern pieces and enlarged separately
so as to better adapt the design to my surface

My surface is now prepped and base coated!

Let's paint!!!
I use 

Color photos by Kim of design included in packet

Kim Hogue is considered the "Queen of DETAIL"

Her packets include very lengthy instuctions 

but when followed step by step

her designs are not difficult to paint!

Many of Kim's patterns call for sanding sticks

They are wonderful for distressing!!!

I used painters tape when painting the cottage. 
When taping you need to be very careful of creating
"ridges" with your paint.
You can also use post-it notes to paint straight lines.

Adding detail to the cottage

Close-up of cottage detail 
I used the sanding sticks on the cottage to give it a worn old look

It is always good to stand back from your design periodically 
especially a large one to look at it

Adding the roof details

Roof almost completed!

Adding the flag bunting

Lets stand back and take another look!

I'm loving it! It is really starting to come to life!

 And now to paint the duck!

This took several "layers" of paint and distressing

Have patience when paiting a piece like this!

You will gradually see it come to life!

Adding the water and sail boat in the distance

Close up of progress!

I'm not the neatest of painters...even though I have a very large paint table 
I sometimes "feel crowded"!

I am now adding the fence posts

Fence post added now adding the trees in the foreground

I added some extra trees as my design was so big

I even added a few hydrangea bushes as they are my favorite!

I changed the lettering

to say


SPIRIT OF SUMMER was a wonderful design to paint!
You can find more of 
Kim Hogues designs

Here is my finished piece in my dining room!

I hope you have enjoyed following along with me as I painted this piece!
Happy Painting !


  1. Love that design and you did a beautiful job on redoing it for your tray.


  2. Hi Lynn!
    How usual.


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