Sunday, July 9, 2017

It's thyme to show you a birdhouse wreath.

Sometimes it is hard to stay focused in

when a sunny day and the gardens are calling your name!

The palette of color in the gardens can be as beautiful as any in my STUDIO!

It can also be the source of great inspiration!

Let's head into the STUDIO to see what I have been painting.

I purchased this small birdhouse at a craft store. 
It had a perch on it but I cut it off. 
I sanded the area

 and then
added some

I then sealed my surface with 

I lightly sanded again and wiped the dust with a damp paper towel.

I used my good friend 
Jane Allen 's
Home For The Holidays
Ornament Pattern 
as inspiration for this project.

You can find the pattern



My Palette

Antique Teal, Antique White, Arbor Green, Burnt Umber, Colonial Green, Deep Burgundy, Evergreen, Golden Straw, Light Cinnamon, Raw Sienna, Silver Sage Green, Slate Grey, Soft Black, Warm White, Mulberry

I began by base coating the front back and sides of birdhouse. 
I then painted the "shingle " details.

I then applied a THICK coat of One Step Crackle

I let the crackle medium dry over night.

In order for the crackle finish to show I use an Americana Gel Stain over it.

I use an scruffy old brush to do this!

I first brushed on the Gel Stain then wiped with a clean white soft cloth.

I found some 

I applied Decou-Page to the sheet music so it would adhere to birdhouse.
I applied it to the BACK of the paper first and let it dry over night.
 I then applied to to the FRONT of the paper.
I let that dry overnight.

I used a sanding stick carefully along the edges of the sheet music to fray it some.

I transferred the main lines to the surface and started painting the bird.

I added a branch and some leaves to paint.

I love everything that SPARKLES
So I decided to make the ROOF of my house do just that!

I gathered some
old white buttons


I used a
  plastic palette knife to "frost" the roof
 with the 
Dimensional Effects.

I quickly pressed in the buttons.

I covered the entire roof in this manner.

I let the roof dry for several days until hardened.

When the roof had hardened I took Elmer's Glue and thinned it with water.
I used an old brush to "paint" the roof with the glue mixture.

I then SpRiNkLeD the roof with Diamond Dust to make it sPaRkLe. 

For more design inspiration and 
be sure to visit
Jane Allen's BLOG

I purchased some florals.

I gathered a small drill, pliers and some thin rusty wire.

I used a small hand drill to drill 2 tiny holes in the BACK of the birdhouse.
I drilled the holes even with the opening in the FRONT of the house.

I then positioned the birdhouse on the wreath.
I used a thin wire
strung it through the opening on the FRONT of the bird house
 through the holes I had drilled in the BACK of the house. 
I wired the house to the wreath

I began arranging the floral on my wreath without gluing it YET!

Once I am pleased with the placement I take one piece out at a time and glue it.

Next I painted a wood tag with Silver Sage Green.

I typed out the definition of NEST on my computer and printed it.
I sprayed the printing a couple of times very lightly with Krylon FIXATIVE.
This will keep the lettering from smearing in the next step when we decoupage.
Let Dry!

I carefully tore all around the edges of the paper .

I found the inspiration for this tag on 
Jane Allen's BLOG

I added a crackle finish to the tag in the same manner as I did the bird house.

I applied Deco-Page with an old brush to the BACK of my paper and positioned it on my tag. 
I let that dry well before applying Deco-Page to the FRONT of the paper.
I did not apply the Deco-Page to the whole tag, just where I had positioned the paper.
I applied a finish coat on the tag with GlossVarnish

Nest (n) the place where a bird lays its eggs and takes care of its young: a place of rest, retreat or lodging: a home

I continued gluing on my florals. 

I added a piece of twine to the tag to attach it to the wreath.
I added a piece of wire to the back of wreath for hanging.

I glued some moss and twigs in the opening of the bird house.

I tied the tag on the wreath.

Close up of tag.

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt 
provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me make this wreath!
Until next time,
Always paint with a happy heart!



  1. It's wonderful, I had just hauled out a couple of birdhouses I had in the stash, and sat down to think and enjoy watching the baseball game, and have a drink, when I saw this on Fabcebook. It's wonderful. Thank you so much for the push to do something with my birdhouses, I don't have anywhere to hang a wreath, but I plan on putting my birdhouse on the top of a old shovel, shoved into the dirt. Have a wonderful day. love your garden too.

  2. Thank you Irene! Happy Painting!


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