Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thyme to say that Life Is Better When you Are Painting

Today I wanted to show you a project that I just completed
Life is BETTER When You Are Painting

is by 
Judy Westegaard Jenkins CDA

I am always on the lookout to find unique surfaces to paint on.

I found this 26" x 16" surface in a thrift shop to paint this project on.

Step inside my STUDIO and lets get started!


Burnt Umber, Carbon Black, Dioxazine Purple, Hansa Yellow, Medium Beige, Medium White, Napthol Red, Perinone Orange, Prussian Blue Hue, Raw Sienna, Sapphire Blue Teal Green, Titanium White, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Oxide

This project involved mixing of paint colors as you painted the project!
This is ALWAYS fun.....don't let it intimidate you!

You can find the pattern for this project in 
CHALK It Up Book

The surface of this tray is metal. 
I cleaned it well with rubbing alcohol.
I sanded lightly and wiped with a damp cloth.

I began by using a LARGE Americana Decor Brush to prep my surface 


I enlarged the pattern to fit my surface

I used Sapphire Blue + Ultramarine Blue (5:1 )

I applied the base with a sponge brush. 

I use a press and lift motion. 
This gives your surface a slightly textured surface.

I keep a small blow dryer on my table to help speed drying times

Next I coated my surface using a large 
Americana Decor Brush 

I mixed Prussian Blue Hue + Burnt Umber (1:1).
I shaded around the outside edges with this mix.

Enlarged line drawing of pitcher

I used WHITE graphite to transfer the line drawing

I based the pitcher with a mix of Teal Green + Medium Beige + Titanium White ( 2:2:1)

To shade I used the base mix + Teal Green + Prussian Blue Hue + Burnt Umber ( 1:1: touch: touch)

I deepened this shading with Prussian Blue Hue + Burnt Umber (1:1)

I then highlighted with the base mix + Titanium White ( 2:1)

I strengthened the highlight further with Titanium White + base mix ( 1: touch)
I then coated the pitcher with Extender.  I added Burnt Umber imperfections and spots to the medium and dark value areas with a #2 Round Brush

I added a shadow around the pitcher using Prussian Blue Hue + Burnt Umber (1:1)
I deepened this shading with Dioxazine Purple. I use a mop brush to soften all areas.

All the brush handles were painted FIRST

The bristles are added later.

Be patient in adding your values! 

Several light washes of color are better to get depth.

I used various size Ultra Rounds for shading.

Always use a mop brush to soften after each wash.

4 brush handles done!

It was fun adding all the brushes to the pitcher!

I am now starting to paint the bristles on the brushes.

Close up !

I am continuing to paint the bristles.

It was a little difficult working on this piece at times because of its size and also the sides!

All the bristles are done. 

I am now working on the palette knife.

Just the pencil left to paint!

Close up!

Because my surface is so big I decided to add a palette to the left side .

Palette is traced on. I later decided it was a bit large so I made it smaller.

I used a 
Generals Charcoal White Pencil 
to strengthen the highlight 
on the 
pitcher, rim, handle, brushes, palette knife and pencil.

I also used the General Charcoal White Pencil for the lettering

Once your lettering is done with the charcoal pencil you can 
clean smudges or smears 
with a 
point blend brush and water.

I am now starting to paint the palette.

Close up of palette and lettering.

Shown on the left is a Dynasty Point Blend Brush
in the middle is a Lowell Cornell Ultra Round Brush
and on the right is a Generals Charcoal White Pencil.

I'm finishing up the lettering.

I added a chalk line all around the design area.

Close up

Next a very important step!

When working with a chalk pencil you must spray with Krylon Workable Fixative BEFORE you varnish. If you don't all your chalk work will smear! When spraying... spray over your piece and let the mist from the spray fall on your piece, rather than spraying directly AT your piece. I do at least two light coats.

I applied 2 coats of Dura Clear Ultra Matte Varnish to the finished surface.

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt Inc
provided me with the paints to complete this project as part 
of their 
Helping Artist
Blogger Outreach Programs
Thank you DecoArt for all the wonderful paint and supplies to create with!

I hung my project in my STUDIO

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint



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