Sunday, December 11, 2016

Thyme for a Joyful Snowman

My Studio is a busy place these days!

How did it get to
15 days before Christmas ?

Are you ready?

Step inside to see what I have been working on.

I have so many project in various stages of "almost done !"

Today I wanted to show you a project that I just completed  
Joyful Snowman
Lynne Andrews

My Palette

Buttermilk, Snow White, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black  Plantation Pine, Rookwood Red, Country Red, Hauser Medium Green, Spiced Pumpkin

I began by first sanding my ornament. 
I then applied a coat of Multi Purpose Sealer

When dry I painted two base coats with Buttermilk

I used a #8 Lowell Cornell Ultra Round

I did a wash of Rookwood Red on the hat and jacket mopping as I went along with a Maxine Mop.

I use a blowdryer in between washes to aid in the paint drying.

I then added several washes of Country Red to reach the desired depth of color.

The scarf is several washes of Medium Hauser Green. 
Again I washed, mopped and dried with each layer of color.
I used Plantation Pine to float around the scarf and define the sections.

Next I painted the mittens and added the details to the scarf and snowman

I applied 2 coats of Dura Clear Ultra Matte Varnish to my finished ornament

It comes in many finishes.

You can also spray seal if you prefer.

After my varnish was dry I dipped my brush in some CLEAN water and wet the areas that I wanted to 
I then tapped on some GLAMOUR DUST
You can shake the excess off over a paper plate and save.

I let that dry then sprayed on a light coat of Sprayer/Sealer

I cut three pieces of card stock and used a ruler to score a line for folding.

I used a fine point BLACK marker for the lettering

I cut a small piece of Bakers Twine and hung my letters on it.
I used Arleene's Super Thick Tacky Glue
I had my string ready and placed a small amount of glue on backs of the letters. 
I then folded them over the string and held them for a few seconds until the glue set.

DecoArt provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs.
Thank you Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt for all the wonderful products to create with!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me create my Joyful Snowman! 

Always paint with a Happy Heart!


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