Friday, June 10, 2016

It's thyme for Captain Jack to take his seat in the dining room

Aunt Sophie
was a
 18" x 23" primitive portrait
 that I painted.
After I finished painting
  Aunt Sophie
I started the companion portrait 
Captain Jack.

Both designs 
are by 
Cynthia Erekson

You can view the progress photos
Aunt Sophie

The warmer weather brings with it LOTS of thyme spent in the gardens
therefore not as much thyme in my STUDIO

I finished painting Captain Jack several weeks ago
I had just not gotten around to painting the frame for him.
Lets step inside my STUDIO and check the progress.

My desk is cleared so with coffee in hand I can now BLOG about Captain Jack!

My Palette

Gingerbread, Brandywine, olde gold, Milk Chocolate, Mocha, Shading Flesh, Dove Gray, Neutral Gray, Lamp Black , Graphite, Khaki Tan , Burnt Umber, Antique White, Raw Umber, Emperor's Gold, Light Cinnamon

Let's prep the surface!

I cut a 18" x 23" piece of masonite board for my surface. 
I used a sponge brush to smooth on one coat

I let the first coat of GESSO dry completely before sanding lightly.
I then applied a second coat of GESSO.
After the second coat had dried completely I lightly sanded the surface again.

GESSO is a ready mix acrylic primer for many painting surfaces!

The surface is now properly prepped so now it's thyme to PAINT!

I began by painting the panel with two coats of a 1:1 mix 
Gingerbread and Brandywine.

I sanded lightly between each coat.

I then thinned
with some water.

I used a slip slap motion and a 2" bristle brush
quickly cover my surface.

I then used a scrunched up piece of an old cotton shirt
"rag off" the thinned stain.

I pressed lightly into the stain all over my surface
 which left a mottled look 
no visible brush strokes.
Work quickly!

I let my surface dry completely 
proceeding to the next step. 

When the surface was completely dry 
I spattered it
Lamp Black.


 Dip the bristle tips
 of a large stencil brush into water
mix in a dime size puddle of the Lamp Black paint.
Hold the brush over your surface 
pull a few bristles toward you 
with a palette knife
using some pressure.
Occasionally turn the brush in your hand to access fresh paint.
Reload brush when necessary.

I then traced the pattern
transferred the MAIN design onto my surface 
excluding the details

I made some changes to the original design
 Captain Jack.
These changes can be seen in the face and hair.

I began by painting the chair using 2 coats of Olde Gold.
I then shaded using Raw Umber.

The hands and face are base coated using 2 coats of Mocha.
The hair is base coated with Burnt Umber and shaded with Lamp Black.

Close up view of face

Starting to paint the eyes

I have added some shading around the eye sockets and along side the nose.

I have also started to add some highlights to the hair.

I am continuing to add subtle highlights to the face.

I did this with several thin washes of color combined with using a mop brush to soften

I have now painted the shirt, ascot and pin

I have now added the shirt buttons.
I base coated the suit with Graphite.
I use a
 3/4" DecoArt
for most base coats

I shaded the suit by painting several thin washes of Lamp Black paint. 
I used my mop brush to soften as I went along.
I used the
to further deepen and soften 
the shading 
on the suit coat.
I love the dome blenders!

Be patient with your shading and highlighting!
Don't expect to achieve it in one coat!

I have now added the buttons to the suit coat using Emperor's Gold.

I have now started to work on the 
leaf detail 
on the back of the chair.

I used a ultra round brush and a mop brush to shade the leaves. 
I used an ultra mini liner for the fine details.

Investing in good quality brushes, tools and paints makes 
all the difference in the outcome of your finished piece.

I brushed on one coat 
on my completed piece.

Let dry completely!

I then applied a sparse coat 
  Antiquing Medium

The antiquing medium used to "mellow" 
 tint the colors in your painting. 
It is not used as a varnish 
so it is not important that it covers evenly.
I let it dry after the first coat
 then added more unevenly on the 
shirt and the chair to add a "stained look".

Now lets paint the frame

I first sanded then sealed my frame 

I then base coated the frame with 2 coats of Antique Gold

Next I painted

I apply this unevenly, some places heavier than others.

Let dry!

When dry I painted over the crackle medium
Lamp Black

The inside of the frame is painted
Emperor's Gold
Lightly spatter 
Lamp Black.

I then measured to find the center 
each side of the frame.

I then pounced Emperor's Gold 
into the
 flower/stroke work stencil

Captain Jack

provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their
Helping Artist
Blogger Outreach Programs

Thank you DecoArt!

You can view my DecoArt Profile

And so
Captain Jack
has taken his seat in the dining room next to Aunt Sophie!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint these primitive portraits!

Happy Painting!



  1. You inspire me every time I find you in my inbox! Thank you!!

  2. There's a stranger in my house! Ha ha ha....
    Very handsome


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