Sunday, February 28, 2016

Thyme to paint Yankee Fisherboy Primitive Portrait

I wanted to show you
 primitive portrait 
that I have painted
Yankee Fisherboy Primitive Portrait

 is by
Cynthia Erekson

This portrait 
18" x 23"

Step inside my 

Lets's get started!

My Palette

Light French Blue, Dusty Rose, Delane's Dark Flesh, Honey Brown, Blueberry, Traditional Raw Umber, Antique Green, Antique Gold, Plantation Pine, Black Green, Country Red, Lamp Black, Light Buttermilk, Deep Burgundy, Antique Maroon, Black Plum, Burnt Umber


Surface Prep

I applied 2 coats 
to my surface

 Let dry completely between coats 
sand lightly

I base coated the panel with 2 coats 
Light French Blue
sanding lightly between coats

I then traced the pattern
transferred the ground areas onto the panel

I slowly began to build the color values of the ground sections
The bottom 1/3 of the panel
slightly darker than the previous section

I dry brushed the water area

I pounced in the "foam" along the top edge
 throughout the water

I used graphite paper
 transfer the remainder of the pattern 
the board

I began by painting the dress Antique Maroon


Painting the head, neck and arms


Adding some shading to the cheeks

close up view

I have painted
leggings, shoes 
fish pull toy

I have painted the tree branches

I have painted the details on the fish pull toy
painted the fishing pole

I used a silk sponge to pounce the foliage on the trees

I then applied one light coat 

I let the varnish dry completely

I then covered the boy with a paper towel
spattered the panel heavily around the edges
Traditional Burnt Umber

( To spatter easily with lots of control , dip just the bristle tips of a large stencil brush into the water and mix a dime size puddle of Traditional Burnt Umber by circling on the palette. Hold the brush over the project and pull some bristles towards you, using pressure, as you move the brush across the area to be spattered. Turn brush in hand to access new paint. Reload as necessary. )

I then antiqued my project 

After my piece was completely dry I applied several more coats
 Dura Clear Ultra Matte Varnish

Now to paint the frame!

I first sanded then sealed my frame

When dry I painted the frame with 2 coats of Country Red

Now the DISTRESSING part!

I distressed the corners and outer edges of the frame by filing with a rasp 
flatten and round the crisp corners and edges.
I created some dings and dents in the wood to show "age" using the top sharp corner of the rasp.
I used an awl to create clusters of worm holes on several areas of the frame.

I then mixed a thin wash 
water and Carbon Black.
I painted this over the entire frame making sure that I got it in all the dings and dents.
I wiped off most of the wash leaving the red paint slightly darkened.

I then mixed a glaze 
Traditions Carbon Black, glazing medium and Easy Float1:5:2

I used the flat side of a sponge brush to "press" the glaze onto one side of the frame.
The glaze should not be too heavy and slightly bubbly.
I then wrapped a piece of rope in a paper towel and pressed it repeatedly into the glaze leaving a small space between "presses"
I repeated this process all around the frame.

Let dry completely!

I applied 2 coats 
 to my completed frame

My completed 
Yankee Fisherboy Primitive Portrait

I painted this portrait as part of a set

I wrote about painting 


in my last post

DecoArt provided me with the products to complete this project
 as part of their
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs

Thank you DecoArt for all the wonderful products to create with!

You can view 
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I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint

Gloucester Goose Girl Primitive Portrait
Yankee Primitive Fisherboy Primitive Portrait

Happy Painting!



  1. Wow, you are incredibly talented, dear Lynn! It was a joy to see the progress of your painting. And oh my, your studio is simply delightful!

    Have a beautiful week!

  2. i love your work! where do you get your surfaces to paint on?

  3. You studio touch me a lot, it seems like perfect place for drawing. I love you way to combine the colors. They are so calm, nothing too much.

  4. I just do not know about the

    You did another great job!


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