Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It is thyme to show you how to transform an old bathroom vanity into a NEW one using Americana DECOR Chalky Finish Paints

You can easily re-purpose just about anything with a little imagination 
 some paint!

Instead of buying a new vanity I decided to transform it
 with a little help
 from my husband

These paints 
wonderful to work with!
  • Ultra-matte Chalky Finish
  • Available in 29 vintage, intermixable colors
  • Adheres to even the slickest surface
  • Easier to distress than any other acrylic paints
  • One-coat coverage with most colors on most surfaces
  • Durable due to unique cross linking features of paint resin system
  • Water-based for easy clean-up
  • Made in the USA

My husband took the doors off of our "oak finish" vanity along with the top and sink.
He resurfaced the vanity right over the existing surface with beadboard.

This is the shell of the vanity.

I designed a new top for the vanity 
my husband made it

I first painted the vanity using
Chalky Finish Paint

Be sure you purchase the best brushes 
tools you can to insure an awesome finish!
Deco Art  carries a line of brushes for their chalky finish paints, waxes and varnishes.

After the 
Romance Chalky Finish Paint
was dry I painted right over it with
Carbon Chalky Finish Paint

I then WET SAND using a FINE sanding brick.
This allows your base coat ( the red) to show thru.
You want to sand in areas that would normally show "wear" 
to give your piece a primitive look

I lighly sanded the doors where the knobs would go
in a few areas on the top and sides

The RED paint will show thru that you painted first.

It is now thyme to finish your piece.
offers both 
Creme Waxes or Varnishes
 to complete your projects.
The choice is yours!

I used 
Clear Creme Wax
 to complete this project

I bought a COPPER sink and Black Oil Rubbed Bronze faucet for my vanity

My husband installed the sink and faucet

I added Black Wrought Iron hinges and painted wood knobs.

This was a FUN project to do!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial !

To learn more about ALL the amazing products 
has to offer visit their website

Happy Painting!


  1. I love how that came out. I was just looking at the new porcelain wood for the bathroom, loved the look and with prim furnishings that would be nice to do in my bathroom.


  2. This is great to see, Lynn! Thank you for sharing with us. I love the effect of using the red paint under the dark top coat! Who would have thought! :)

  3. Learn something new every day. I use to re-do furniture. Love it!


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