Friday, March 29, 2013

It is THYME to say Happy Easter

As I prepare for Easter my thoughts always turn to my Dad .....I think of him EVERDAY AND MISS HIM.  13 years ago I lost my Dad to Pancreatic cancer the day before Easter.....I miss him every day but EVERY Easter now is bittersweet without him as I look at the chair he once sat in around our table.   He was in HOSPICE at home when he died..I remember praying each day for JUST ONE MORE DAY with him I sat by his beside holding his hand the night before he died I knew in my heart that he had really left us 6 months previous when he was diagnosed as terminal.....I told him that night that it was OK to go....and that my Mom and all of us would be OK ....he was in a coma...minutes later He sat up straight in bed.............he was pointing around the room........I tried to calm him and lay him down gently...I said "Dad what are you doing?"........and he weekly replied....."I'm counting the ANGELS"....(he hadn't spoken in weeks)  he made it thru the night...we had torrential rains and thunderstorms that night..........the next morning as I sat with him....( his bed was in my Mom's beautiful sun room) I opened the blinds and outside there was a gorgeous RAINBOW.......on the Patio was a bench my dad had built with bird houses on the posts and I had painted ....a BLUEBIRD ( my fathers favorite bird) was building a nest in the bench. It was at that very moment while holding his hand my Dad left us and went to HEAVEN.  Dad I so miss you and LOVE you. ~ LOVE YOUR PARENTS, treat them with LOVING care for you will only know their value when you see their EMPTY CHAIR. 

Wishing you a Blessed Easter with those you love,


  1. I can understand, I lost my father just a year ago. Every day I miss him ... thanks for this post.
    Happy Easter.

  2. Your story is so beautiful and so heart warming, what a beautiful way to leave this earth and fill your heart with a peace of him being welcomed by the angels.


  3. A beautiful post, Lynn. I'm sure he is watching over all of your family from above. My dad went into the hospital a few days after he learned mom was terminal. He passed in two weeks and she followed three weeks later. They both died from broken hearts. They will forever be missed, but are forever alive in our happy memories. No one can ever take the cherished memories of your dad away from you either. So be sad that he is not at the table with you , but be happy that you are blessed with years of happy memories. Have a blessed Easter. ---Jan

  4. Very touching. Your dad was a wonderful man.
    ✿ڿڰۣღ ...Happy Easter... ღڿڰۣ✿



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