Monday, May 17, 2010

Thyme for some "All American" apple pie

This is a sign that I have painted

"All American"

This is a
John Sliney design

The pattern can be found in his book
A Road to America's Past

Happy Painting!


  1. i luv it how cute great job!blessings michelle

  2. As always...BEAUTIFUL! Have a great Monday!


  3. I just love your it..:)your site is telling me there is unsafe malware on it..might want to check it out.;)

  4. That's beautiful! The pie looks good enough to eat, even with the flag sticking out, LOL!

  5. Sliney was supposed to teach a class at The Quilted Acorn and it was cancelled. I was bummed... I really want to take a class with him, love his patterns...and you paint them beautifully. Wish you lived closer so we could have painting days. =)

  6. Great work Lynn! I came across some of Sliney's books and loved his stuff. Someday I may start painting again. :)

    Hope your having a great day!

  7. Hi Lynn... LOVE ALL YOUR WORK!!! Everythings beautiful!!!! I noticed you stayed on the side lines with the May giveaway on my blog!!! lol!!!! I saw where you said you ca'nt wait ,,, but you were smart enough not to take the chance!! lmbo!!!! Its still not too late if you wanna change your mind hon!! lol!! hugs!! Donna


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