Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thyme to say thanks for a give away I won and my 100th post give away....

I'm so excited to show you my give away winning
from Brenda

I received 2 yes 2 of these wonderful Santa ornies!!!
He is already on my twiggy tree
in the living room
I just put up.
Before Thanksgiving I start placing some of my trees and greens
around the house then
 decorate them after Thanksgiving
So as lonesome as he looks now he will be surrounded by
lots of other HOMEMADE ornies!
I just love them Brenda
Thanks sooo Much!!!!
Speaking of Santa!
You may have noticed I changed my blog over to Xmas!
I just couldn't wait any longer
now that I'm painting for Xmas!

This piece

is a 
Kim Hogue CDA Design
that I painted in a class
a long time ago
It's called
Candy Cane Lane
It has tons of detail

I love Santa's face...
just look at this glistening beard!!!
 the tiny trees on Santa's jacket
his fir trimmed coat
and patch work bottom

Or who can resist this wonderful snowman
look at all those little trees and snowflakes on his scarf!!
his wonderful pine halo and
candy canes
or that yummy carrot nose

I just love the pail with the candy cane handle!
all the snowman ornaments
and the pine Xmas tree.........
all those fine pine needles to paint...LOL!
I did not finish this in the class I took
neither did any one else........!!!!
It sat in my closet for years when finally last year I finished it!!!!
I just LOVE it and will never sell it!!

Last but not least .........
just a reminder about my 100th post give away!
Leave me a comment on my
for my giveaway and tell me
what you'll be GOBBLING
on Thanksgiving Day!!!!

That's  it!
Good Luck!


  1. That plate is GORGEOUS!!! I can see why that's a keeper!!!! Such unbelievable talent!!

  2. WOW I love that plate.....thats awesome!!

  3. What a beautiful plate. I am new to your blog and I come everyday to browse. Thank you, it's beautiful. Inspires me to keep my brushes going and practice more.

  4. Oh Lynn!
    What an exquisite job you did. I knew when I cam here today that your header, you had to have painted yourself. It is so you, and it is absolutely darling. Thank you so much for sharing today. I love to come and see what you have to share each day.

    Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  5. Lynn that plate is so delightful and its done wonderfully. I love the painting skills that you have you are so talented. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  6. Lynn I am so glad you like your ornaments Thank you. Your talent ceases to amaze me. You are very good at what you do.

  7. Congrats on your win!! He is adorable! Your plate is just beautiful...wonderful work.

  8. Lynn, Congratulatins on your win. I love Brenda's creations. Your Christmas decor is outstanding! Carol

  9. Being a painter myself, I appreciate all the detail in your plate! It is awesome and makes a great header for you blog.

  10. Congratulations on your win!
    Super plate ... love it, glad to see you finally finished it. I could do with some inspiration to finish all my UFO's too!

  11. Your plate is awesome...

  12. How beautiful! I love the great Santa and the snowman is cute, too! I love your art! You are very talented!


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