Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Thyme to show you a Sweet Snowman Angel

The New Year has brought us some frigid temps here on Ole Cape Cod!
We thankfully have only received a dusting of SNOW.
BUT that doesn't mean you can't have SNOWMEN!

Let's step inside the STUDIO to see what I have been painting!

Today I am working on a project 
Sweet Snowman Angel

The design for this project 
is by
Amy Mogish

You can find the pattern in the book
Jane And Amy Create Christmas

My Palette

Antique White, Autumn Red, Black Forest Green, Dark Chocolate, Graphite, Hot Shots Fiery Red, Lamp Black, Leaf Green, Light Buttermilk, Mistletoe, Neutral Grey, Slate Grey, Soft Black, Warm White, Black Chalkboard Paint

Lets paint!

The surface I used is a Mini cheese box. (3 3/4" x 6" D)

I prepped my surface by rolling on 2 coats 

I painted both the inside and outside.

I let that dry well.

I prepared
Duster Stippler Brush 
as you would for dry brushing.

Make sure it is very dry! 
You should not see paint moving around on your surface!

I dry brushed over the entire surface in a circular motion with the Graphite.
When dry I repeated the process with Neutral Grey.

I transferred the main elements of the design to the surface with white graphite paper.

I used my Moon Brush loaded with Slate Grey to outline the snowman.

*** Your brush should be VERY DRY! ***

I used a Stain It Brush to base coat the area with Slate Grey, then Light Buttermilk.

I added highlights using Warm White thru the belly and front of face.

I prefer to
layer my highlights and shadows
not try to achieve it in one stroke of the brush!

I used Neutral Grey , then Graphite
 to add shading under the hat, left side of head, under chin, and the arms.

Working on the face and additional shading.

I am now working on the hat.

I have base coated the holly leaves on hat.

Isn't he SWEET?

I am now working on the berries.

I have added the homespun "angel wings" and of course bakers twine!

I did not have a White Prisma Color Pencil as suggested in the pattern.
Instead I used a Generals Charcoal White Pencil for the lettering.

When using a chalk pencil no matter how careful you are there will be some smudges.
Clean up is important!

I use a Point Blend Brush dipped in water to clean up any smudges.

It is essential
to use
  Workable Fixative
affix the chalk pencil 
to the surface 
BEFORE you varnish!!

The lettering around the bottom of the box 

I will now work on the rim of the box.

I used my
  Micron Mini Detail and Lettering Brushes
to  add the 
Autumn Red 
border on the rim of cover.

I used a small snowflake stencil to add snowflakes around the box.

I also painted the under side of the cover!

Under side of cover!

I dry brushed some snow on the rim of the box with Warm White.

I varnished the box with several coats of Dura Clear Matte Varnish.

I lined the inside of my box with scrapbook paper.

Once I had cut and measured my pieces
 I used an old brush to apply
to the back side of each paper

I applied once piece at a time carefully smoothing out any air bubbles.
HINT (You can use the edge of an old credit card for this)

Lining the inside of your box adds so much to your project!

You can use your box for a small candle
gift it with some fresh baked goodies

Or better yet keep it for yourself!
This was a fun project to paint!

Thank you Amy!

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt 
provided me with the paints to complete this project 
as part of their 
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint
Sweet Snowman Angel

Happy Painting !


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thyme for Snowflake St. Nick

 I wanted to show you my latest project 
Snowflake St. Nick

This is a 30" tall Santa Dummy Board

Cynthia Erekson

"Dummy Boards" 
were first brought to this country during colonial times. 
They were cut from flat boards,
 these whimsical figures were painted to resemble men, women or children 
sometimes plants or animals. 
They were free standing 
 were often placed near a fireplace with their backs to the wall
 served to "provide a presence" in an empty room.

Lets step inside my STUDIO to see what I have been painting!

My Palette

Lamp Black, Deep Burgundy, Shading Flesh, True Ochre, Charcoal Grey, Leaf Green, Hauser Dark Green, Dusty Rose, Titanium White, Neutral Grey, Dove Grey, Tomato Red
Lets paint!!!

My surface is cut from 3/4" pine.
It measures 3/4" x 11 " x 30"

I began by lightly sanding the surface and removing the dust.

I used equal amounts of sealer and paint.
(1) Multipurpose Sealer : (1) Lamp Black

I base coated the surface with 2 coats 
Lamp Black plus Multi Purpose Sealer.
I used a large flat American Decor Brush to base coat.

I transferred the main elements of the design to my surface with graphite paper.
The hat and bag are painted with Deep Burgundy.
I applied one coat and let it dry.
The second coat is done by working from the center of each area out to the edges.
This allows for some areas to appear darker.
I added additional shading with Lamp Black.
I highlighted the top and right side
of the hat and "bulges" in the bag 
Deep Burgundy and a touch of Shading Flesh.

The hat brim, mitten and boot are painted with True Ochre leaving a mottled surface.
I highlighted these areas by first loading a stencil brush with True Ochre.
I circled the brush on my palette to evenly distribute the paint in the bristles.

Next I picked up some
on the same brush.

I circled the brush on my palette to slightly blend the two colors.
I then pounced the brush lightly through
center of the hat brim, along the thumb and center of mitten.

I shaded the hat brim area where it meets the face with Charcoal Grey.
The boots were shaded with Lamp Black.

I spattered the hat brim, mitten and boot heavily with Charcoal Grey.
I let spatters dry completely before proceeding!

I created the arm and coat front by highlighting 

I transferred the lines for the wide vertical bands of color on the plaid.

I am working on the vertical bands of color on the bottom of the coat.
I used Leaf Green and Tomato Red.

The face is base coated with several coats of Dusty Rose.
I shaded the eye sockets and along the nose
 with a mix 
 Dusty Rose and Shading Flesh.

I have base coated the eye area with Titanium White.
I base coated the beard with an under coat of Neutral Grey.
When dry I took a fully loaded stencil brush loaded 
Dove Grey 
pounced the beard area.

I then used my brush loaded with Dove Grey to define the mustache.

I used a small stencil brush loaded
Dove Grey
to add snowflakes of different sizes 
 the bag.
After I had completed all the snowflakes
 I added Dazzling Metallics White Pearl to my brush 
went over the snowflakes to add subtle shine.
Make sure you re-align your stencil carefully to do this!

 I stenciled on the large snowflake on the coat 
I left my stencil in place
went over the snowflake lightly

I am now working on the eyes.

I am now working on the beard.
I use Silver Micron Mini Detail brushes for all fine line work and details.

Close up of face and beard.

I am now painting the holly leaves.

I am now adding the dots using a stylus and end of a large brush handle.

I am also finishing the line work to complete the plaid pattern.

Santa is now ready to have his coat "spattered".

Before spattering I covered Santa's face 
with a 
paper towel.
To spatter 
I dipped just the tips of  a medium stencil brush
I then circled the brush 
in a
  dime size puddle 
Titanium White.
I then hold my brush over my surface to be spattered 
flick some bristles 
by pulling towards me with my palette knife.
Turn your brush occasionally to access fresh paint.
Let spatters dry well!
I applied several coats 
to my finished Santa

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt
provided me with the paints 
products to complete this project 
as part of their 
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs.

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint

Snowflake Santa

Happy Painting!