Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It's thyme to show you how I painted Long Island Head

I want to show you how I painted
 a design 
Rebecca Trimble
Long Island Head

The pattern for this design can be found in
the book
Rebeccas Collections

My pallette for this design

Deco Art American Paints

Antique Green, Asphaltum, Blue Grey Mist, Cadium Yellow, Cocoa, Country Red, Driftwood, Expresso, French Vanilla, Leaf Green, Light Buttermilk, Milk  Chocolate, Neutral Grey, Plantation Pine, Raw Sienna, Sapphire Blue, Soft Black, Titanium White, uniform Blue, Williamsburg Blue, Winter Blue

Specialtity Products
Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish
Americana Decor Creme Wax

Additional Products 
Americana Wood Filler
Americana Wood Glue

I painted this design on an old board that I had that 
24" x 14"

Normally when painting such a design 
you would paint
first then add the remaining elements

I chose to paint this a little differently given
 the placement and size of the buildings.

I painted the background areas around most of the buildings
than paint the whole background and then add buildings

How you choose to paint it depends entirely
what works best for you ! 
And of course the desired outcome!

Painting the background in the "distance"

Close up view

You can begin to see the depth now!

I worked each back ground section in the same manner,
  dividing the piece
 3 separate sections to work on

This was a really enjoyable piece to paint!

I am now starting to paint 
church in the distance

The church is finished!

Now lets paint 
red house!

 Adding the roof and details
 to the 
red house 

Now lets paint 

Adding the shading and high lighting
 to the
  shrubs on the top of the cliff

Thyme to paint
  sailboat and wall!

Lets add
  large tree
in the center of the painting!

I am now going to paint
large grey house on the right

roof on the grey house

Basecoating and painting 
remaining houses

I am now painting 
stone wall and remaining house details

The last house to paint was
brick house

When painting I always like to take a step back periodically
look at what I've painted so far.
More often than not I'm never happy with what I see! 
( the perfectionist in me.....sigh) 
I am always my own worst critic!
How do you look at your work?
What do you see?

Always remember.....
" Do your own thing. Do it unapologetically. Don't be discouraged by critism. You probably already know what they are going to say. Pay no mind to fear or failure, its far more valuable than success. Take ownership, take chances and have fun. and no matter what , don't ever stop doing your thing! "
~ Asher Roth

  It's thyme to varnish!

I used Americana Decor Soft touch Varnish to finish my piece.
I applied 2 coats.

My husband made the frame for my piece
I painted it with Soft Black

I used wood glue put my frame together

I also nailed it together using small brads
I filled the nail holes
wood filler

I used Americana Creme Wax to seal my frame

My finished piece!

Deco Art provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their
Helping Artist Program
Blogger Outreach Program.
Thank you Deco Art!

You can read my 
Blogger Profile

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint
Long Island Head

Happy painting!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's thyme to show you a Prim Bunny

I am going to show you a design 
Terrye French 
that I have painted

The original design was painted by
Sharon Bond
Sharon used a wood bowl for the design
I used a small wood breadboard
to complete my project

My Pallette 

Honey Brown, Lamp Black, Traditional Burnt Umber, Driftwood, Bleached Sand, Warm White, Shading Flesh, Dark Chocoalate, Wisteria, French Grey Blue, Celery Green, Antique Green, Marigold and Mocha


Homespun, grungy tag, old tooth brush for paint spatter, white candle, sanding disc, graphite paper, fine line permanent black marker

I first base coated my bread board using
 Lamp Black
When dry I took a candle and rubbed areas that I wanted to look worn,
mostly around the edges and the handle.
I then painted over the Lamp Black with Honey Brown.
I used my sanding disc to sand the areas where I had applied the wax
allowing the initial Lamp Black base coat to show

I used graphite paper to transfer the 
bunny design
I then base coated the bunny

I dry brushed the highlights

Painting the basket and crow

Adding the final details!
I used diluted Lamp Black and a liner brush to out line my project
I applied 2 coats 
Americana Dura Clear Matte Varnish 

to my finished piece

When dry I used diluted 
Lamp Black 
with an old toothbrush to spatter my piece
I used a piece of paper to cover my bunny 
only spattered the

I made a "grungy" tag and wrote 
Prim Bunny 
on it!
(you can find my grunging recipe by clicking on the recipe tab at top of page)

I tied my tag on with homespun

Here is my finished Prim Bunny project!

DecoArt provided me with the paints to complete this project 
as part of their 

Helping Artist Program
Blogger Outreach Program

Thank you DecoArt!

You can read my 
DecoArt Blogger profile 

Happy Painting!

"Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. 
Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, 
at the end of the day you don't look at it 
wish you had painted something different." 

~Author Unknown