Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Thyme to show you SPRING cleaning

I wanted to show you a project that I have completed 
Lynne Andrews
The design for this project can be found in Lynne's book
Abundantly Blessed.

I used a surface that I had for this project.

 Lets step inside my STUDIO and get started!

My Palette

Bright Yellow, Burnt Umber, Buttermilk, Cool White, Country Red, Lamp Black, Milk Chocolate, Mulberry, Olive Green, Plantation Pine, Slate Grey, Silver Sage Green, Yellow Ochre

Let's Paint!

I began by lightly sanding my wood.
I applied
with a brush

When dry I lightly sanded before applying 2 coats of Buttermilk.

Dry and lightly sand between coats.

I transferred my pattern to the surface 
graphite paper and my Sewline Tracer.

I washed
  Silver Sage Green
across the top of my surface 
walked the wash downward.

I used Lynne Andrews Floaters & Stipplers

I mopped using my Jack Richeson Sash Brush

The wash should be heavier at the top and gradually fade out towards the bottom.
Next I lightly dry brushed White clouds in the sky with my stippler.

Next I did a wash with Plantation Pine across the bottom ground.
Sometimes it is easier to flip your piece upside down and wash downward (like the sky).

Next I painted the birdhouse, roof and clay pots Buttermilk.
The birdhouse is the washed with Yellow Ochre and mopped. 
Roof is washed with Slate Grey. 
Post is washed with Burnt Umber.

The holes on the house are Burnt Umber.
Trim boards are highlighted Cool White.

I drew the shingles on the roof with my Rotring Tikky Graphic Pen 0.1
After using the pen you should heat set the permanent ink.

The clay pots are washed Milk Chocolate.
They are shaded with Burnt Umber and highlighted with Cool White.
I dotted on the tiny flowers in the background with the tip of my floater.
I used the tip of my finger to smudge them and give them a softer look.

Painting the birdies!

All the birdies are painted!

Close up view.

I am now going to paint the frame with a faux finish.

I began by squirting a puddle of Splendid Gold Dazzling Metallics in the center of my palette.

I then squirted 6 quarter size puddles of Traditions Glazing Medium onto my palette.
I then added 1 puddle of Easy Float
I mixed all 3 together with my palette knife.

I used a sponge brush to apply Buttermilk to the frame.
I applied the mixture to the frame using a press and lift motion with the sponge brush.

I used a wine bottle cork to do the faux finishing.
 I dug out a few pieces from one end of the cork.
I dipped the end of the cork into the mixed glazing medium.
I repeatedly stamped the cork around the frame.

Close up of faux finish frame.

Finished frame.

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt
 provided me with products to complete this project as part of their 
Helping Artist
Blogger Outreach Program

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint
sPrInG Cleaning!

Happy Painting!

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