Thursday, December 6, 2018

Thyme to show you a Holly Snow Lady

When I was shopping at
this fall
 I was immediately fascinated by some new ornament patterns 
that my good friend 
Jane Allen 
had in her booth.
Jane explained to me 
that she and her good friend Shara Reiner got together to play
before you knew it they were sculpting Shara's whimsical characters using QuickWood. 
With some playing and brainstorming "SharaJane" was born.
SharaJane is a line of designs that is a little bit Shara and a little bit Jane.
I just KNEW I had to try making some of these ornaments!

The problem was deciding which ones I wanted to try!
I wanted them ALL!

Lets step inside my STUDIO and see what I chose!

Let's get started!

My Palette

Country Red, Deep Burgundy, Foliage Green, Hauser Medium Green, Lamp Black Plantation Pine, Tangelo Orange, Warm White, Zinc, Blue harbor, Bright Salmon, Evergreen, Indian Turquoise, Raw Sienna, Snow White, Soft Black Spiced Pumpkin.

I decided on the Holly Snow Lady as my first project.
I did it Shara's Way & Jane's Way!
You will need some 100mm plastic disk ornaments.
These measure about 4" wide.

I began by first removing the top of the ornaments.
I then poured Snow White paint into the ornament.
I swirled the paint around until the inside of the ornament was covered.
I then tipped the ornaments over to let the excess paint flow out.
I used cups to hold each ornament.

I let my ornaments dry this way overnight.

It's now time to play with some QuickWood!
Some basics to remember when working with QuickWood
  1. QuickWood is a 2 part resin. When mixed together you have about 20 minutes of open time before it begins to cure. It will full cure in 24 hours.
  2. Only cut off as much as you need at a time.
  3. Make sure it is thoroughly mixed together ( no swirls of color) or it will not cure.
  4. Do not wear jewelry , especially rings when working with QW.
  5. Apply Silicone Glove before starting and as needed when working with QW. It helps keep it from sticking to your hands!
  6. Use DecoArt Extender to blend QW being careful not to use too much or it will make your QW gummy.

To help with the sculpting process the pattern includes a link to 7 brief videos.
You can watch a video , do the step and then move on to the next step.
This was very useful if you are new to sculpting with QW!

I began with sculpting my Holly Snow Lady Shara's Way first.

There is a little learning curve with playing with QW.....but it is fun and relaxing!

I followed Jane Allen's quick tutorials for each step which makes this project easy peasy!


I then made some Holly Snow Ladies Jane'sWay!

It was fun seeing my Holly Snow Ladies come to life with paint!

Aren't they adorable? I know you want to try some!

The feeling you're being watched!

After I had all my ornaments painted I added some BLING.

You can do this by brushing some
on the leaves

Then sprinkle on some



If you do not want to cover the entire background of your ornament 
with GLITTER you can give your ornament a light spray of  

Holly Snow Lady
Janes Way

Holly Snow Lady
Shara's Way

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt 
provided me with the products to complete this project as part of their
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach programs.

Thank you DecoArt!

My Elves
 Hinkley and Elfin 
are busy in the STUDIO now 
wrapping all my Snow Ladies!
The MAGIC of Christmas is happening!

Remember ......there is room for everyone on the NICE list!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me make my
Holly Snow Ladies!

Happy Painting!


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