Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Thyme to show you The Pilgrims

I found this surface for $5.00 at a recent yard sale.
It measures 24" tall x 19" wide.
I had the perfect design that I wanted to paint on it.

The design
 is by my good friend 
Amy Mogish
and is 

Lets step inside my STUDIO !

My Palette

Antique Gold, Burnt Orange, Burnt Umber, Cocoa, Country Red, Delane's Dark Flesh, Fiery Red, Flesh Tone, Graphite, Honey Brown, Lamp Black, Light Buttermilk, Milk Chocolate, Neutral Grey, sapphire, Slate, Grey, Soft Black, Tangelo Orange, Tangerine, Titanium White

Let's Paint!

I prepared my surface using a sponge brush to apply 2 coats of Soft Black.

I used a "press and lift " motion with the sponge brush to coat the entire surface.
This will give your surface a slight texture.
Once you have applied 2 coats of paint you can go back with your sponge brush and 
"refine" any areas that may have too much texture.
This would include such areas as the face or any other area with fine details.

Amy Mogish 
originally painted this design on a
Brides Oval Carry All Bentwood Box.
This design lends itself to so many surfaces the possibilities are endless!
You could easily paint each of The Pilgrims as separate portraits......which I had been thinking about!
(Until this surface came along!)

I used a
  Scharff Stain- It Brush 
to dry brush
Burnt Umber 
over the entire surface.

I also like to use the Scharff Moon Brushes for dry brushing as well.
It just depends on the area I am covering which brush I choose.

I enlarged the design to fit my surface.
The pattern is transferred to the surface using a white graphite paper.

I began with the initial base coat using Light Buttermilk.

Because my surface was so large I had to fill in some area's with "extra's.
This is your chance to make your piece "unique" and add some of your own touches!
I paint and shade mostly using Ultra Round Brushes.

Their pointed tip make them perfect for getting in the smallest of spots.
I prefer to apply my color values using a series of washes until I reach the desired depth of color.

I mop between each wash then use my blow dryer to be sure it is dry before adding the next wash.
If you try to add another layer of color when your paint is still wet you are going to lift the paint!

I drew in my own large pumpkin that The Pilgrim is holding.
I base coated the pumpkin using Burnt Orange.
After I had the base coating and shading on the pumpkin done I dry brushed the highlights on.

To fill in the area below the large pumpkin I drew in 2 smaller pumpkins and painted them.
I just used some of the paints that I had on my palette to paint them.
 I plan to hang this piece in my dining room where 
 I have a couple of primitive portraits that I have painted. 

I decided to change the eyes of The Pilgrims to give them a little more realistic look yet I still wanted to maintain the over all whimsical look of Amy's design.

I began with the woman Pilgrim.
I began by first shading 
aside the nose , under eyes, above lip, center of nose, bottom of chin and center of neck using Delane's Dark Flesh.

I then created  eye sockets using Delane's Dark Flesh
I base coated the eyes with Light Buttermilk.
I painted the iris with Honey Brown.
The pupil is Lamp Black.
I lined the top of the eye with Honey Brown.
I added a tiny highlight to the eye with Light Buttermilk.
I added the eyebrows with a tiny liner brush.

I have now added the "homespun lines to the female Pilgrims collar with Burnt Orange.

I added blush to her cheeks with a "float of Burnt Orange".
I deepened the shading with a touch of Country Red.

I first base coated her hair with Soft Black.
I then added the highlights to her hair with Honey Brown.
I have also added the stitching details to the collar and hat with Soft Black

I have added the initial base coats to the male Pilgrim and also the pie.
After base coating the pie and the additional pumpkins I knew that I would need to add some sort of filler in the area below them.

I dry brushed shading and highlights to define the female Pilgrims arms, under the collar and around the pie.

The pie dish was initially base coated with Sapphire.
I used a Scharff Texture -It brush to highlight the center of the pie plate with Light Buttermilk.
I then added a wash of Sapphire over the pie dish. I used Soft Black to shade both the pie crust and the dish. I added highlights to the crust with Light Buttermilk. I then added a wash over the crust with Honey Brown. I added some crumbs to the top of the pie with Light Buttermilk.

At this point I was wishing I had a fresh baked apple pie in my oven cooking so I could stop for a coffee break!

So now it is time to give the male Pilgrim a face!

But first I decided to add some bittersweet vines along the bottom of the design to fill in that area.

I painted the male Pilgrim's eyes and nose pretty much the same way as the females.
His beard and hair are undercoated with Lamp Black.
I then added the hair, mustache and beard over the Lamp Black using a liner brush and Graphite.

I then started adding some hairs using Neutral Grey and finally some using Slate Grey.

I painted his hair in the same manner.

I highlighted the hat and cape with some Neutral Grey then further highlighted it with Slate Grey.
I added the buckle on his hat with Bright Brass, and shaded it with Soft Black.

An Amy Mogish design would not be complete unless you added some bakers twine.

AND now it's thyme to paint a duck!

Close up of The Pilgrims and The Duck!

I changed the location of the sheep in the design and of course added more bakers twine and a crow.

It looks like we now need to paint a chicken!

This is such a fun design!

Close up view of pumpkins and bittersweet.

I have painted the chicken.

Close up view with chicken and duck.

Close up view with the sheep.

Close up view of pumpkins and bittersweet.

I varnished my piece with several coats of DecoArt Soft Touch Varnish.

I made a grungy tag for my project.
You can find my Stain Mixture Recipe for tags, fabric etc.

And of course I had to add some BAKERS TWINE!

I wrapped the twine around the handle and added the tag.


Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt 
provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope that you have enjoyed watching me paint




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