Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Thyme to show you a Boston Anglers Box

 I wanted to show you my latest project.

This project is 
Boston Anglers Box
Cynthia Erekson

I used a reproduction 
"Vintage Shoeshine Box"
to paint this project on.

Lets step inside my STUDIO and get started!

My palette

DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Blue Haze Light, Camel, Graphite, Lamp Black, Bleached Sand, Ice Blue, Raw Sienna

I began by lightly sanding my surface and then removing any dust.

Often times on a project such as this
 I combine
with my
base coat.
I poured Graphite plus a small amount to Lamp Black
onto my palette and mixed well 
with a
  palette knife.
I used this mixture to base coat the inside and underside 
of the box with a small

I base coated all outer surfaces 
with a heavily textured coat 
Blue Haze Light.

I use the broad flat side of a 2" sponge brush heavily loaded with paint.
I then "press and lift" the paint on to my surface.
I then go back over the surface pressing the brush
to reduce the texture and refine the surface a bit.
This is important especially in the areas that you will be painting your design.
It will make detail painting easier!

The box sides can be left coarser.
Let surface dry.
Next I dampened a silk sponge.
I then squeeze it on a paper towel to remove excess water.

I then dipped my sponge in Ice Blue.
I lightly pounced the sponge over all outer surfaces for subtle mottling.
 I let the box dry well.

I measured in 1" from all sides on both sections of the top.
I painted the 1" borders with Graphite leaving some background color showing through.
Next, I loaded a small stencil brush with Graphite.
I scrubbed the brush on a paper towel to remove most of the paint.
I then lightly  scrubbed the brush on the outer edges and hinges on top of the lid sections.
I added some soft darker areas to the lower box shading at the cornersedges and bottom of legs. 
I let the box dry completely then lightly spattered it with thinned Graphite.

I began by transferring the ground and water lines to the surface.
I then started to paint the "angler" and add other details.

Adding foliage to tree and the weeds.

Close up view.

I used
Anchors Aweigh 
to enhance the sides of my box.

This is a re-usable stick on stencil!

Close up of stenciled side of box.

I base coated the 2 trout with Lamp Black plus Graphite.
I used thinned paint and left some raw wood showing.
I heavily sanded edges and across body to wear off streaks of paint.

I attached the 
Fish Dealer Label 
to the box 
I applied the medium to the back of the label .
I then pressed it in place.
I let the label dry completely.

Once the label had dried
 I applied another 2 coats of
to the top of label.

Let dry completely between coats.
I then dabbed a wash of Raw Sienna, here and there on label to age it.

I brushed on several coats 

Top of box

I like to finish the inside of my boxes as well.
I had this wonderful 
"fish" scrap book paper 
in my stash.

I measured all the insides of my box.

I cut all the pieces to fit using a paper cutter.

I then used 
in the same manner as above
 to adhere the paper to the insides of the box.

Inside the box!

I painted the inside of the top cover
DecoArt Chalk Board Paint

I used
Generals Charcoal White Pencil 
to do the lettering and design.

I use a 
point blend brush 
dipped in a small amount of water 
to clean up any smudges left by the chalk pencil.

***** You MUST spray any chalk work with Fixative Spray before varnishing*****

This step will prevent any chalk work from smudges once you varnish.

Inside of box.

Something fishy going on here!

I glued the trout to the sides of box.

Side of box.

Another side view of box.

Rosemary Reynolds
provided me with the paints to complete this project
as part of 
Helping Artist
Blogger Outreach Programs.

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint this
Boston Anglers Box

Happy Painting!


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