Sunday, December 7, 2014

Paint with the angels this Christmas Terrye French

Terrye French's 
that she had suffered 
massive stroke.
It sent a wave of shock through the painting community.
well known for her primitive, whimsical style.

Prayers were said all around the world for Terrye's recovery 
sadly that was not meant to be
went home to
Thanksgiving Day

11/27/ 2014

Terrye was one of my earliest painting inspirations. 
I have 100's of her patterns 
all the books she ever wrote. 

Several years ago Terrye 


Terrye was one of the most talented, creative, and giving persons that I have ever known
Her dream was to give other painters a chance to get their names out there by getting a chance to "paint with her." 
Terrye would send out line drawings to be painted and made into e-patterns.
 She encouraged you to add your own style to the designs.  
I was beyond honored when Terrye contacted me to be a part of 
the very beginning.

To date I have about 18 PWF patterns published 
several more to complete.

I never got the chance to meet Terrye
but I considered her a dear friend
 I will miss my chats with Terrye via e-mail 
her face book page.

I am blessed to have 2 wonderful pieces in my home that were painted by Terrye.
They are even more treasured now.

This piece is called Strawberry Moon.
It was painted on an old pull toy

This is a wonderful piece that 
painted on an old mail box

Close up detail 

The painting community wanted to do something to keep Terrye's memory alive
she touched so many people with her magic brushes.

Terrye had a beautiful primitive tree that she loved to decorate.
Her family has suggested that it would be a wonderful tribute to Terrye to help decorate the tree for her grandaughters with hand painted ornaments.

Below is a note from Terrye's daughter

Note from Terrye's daughter Kera:
Thank you all so much for the love, prayers and messages you have taken the time to send. It is beautiful beyond words to know all of the lives Mom touched trough painting and her kind heart. Many have asked what they could do during this time. Mom had a primitive country Christmas tree, that she loved. We would be honored if you would help decorate it. If you would like to send an ornament for the tree that would be lovely. Please sign, date and put where you are from on the ornament. We plan to put up the tree every year on Thanksgiving Day. We will be able to share the giving, inspirational, helpful and loving way she touched each one of you with her grand daughters as they get older. This is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady. Thank you so much for your love. You are a comfort to our hearts and for you all, we are thankful.

Ornaments can be mailed to:

Terrye French Memorial Tree 
C/O Kristin, Kera, & Klayton
1247 Wandering Oaks Ct.  Norman, OK 73026

I have completed my ornament

Santa's MAGIC Key

design by Pam Grady

Paint with the ANGELS now 

SWEET Terrye

I shall miss you dearly.


"Each day is a new canvas to paint upon.
Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness,
at the end of the day you don't look at it
wish you had painted something different."
 ~Author Unknown


  1. What beautiful tribute to such a special lady. Your ornament is lovely.

    1. Thank you so much Sheila. She was such a special person in my life....I will miss her

  2. What a lovely memorial to a truly loved lady, she will be missed.
    Judy Bailey

  3. How sad, she was such a talented artist and she will be missed by many! I love her patterns, also. Wonderful tribute to her....

    Bear Hugs, Karen

  4. Lovely tribute for a lovely lady . She will be greatly missed by all.

  5. A beautiful tribute to an artist who was too popular for his painting I try She's still too much emotion at the thought that is no longer here with noi.Lei remains one of the best memories of my vita.Fortunata to have in the house his works original, every time we will rest your eyes, you will talk to her .... A hug Lynn

  6. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful and lovely painter. Lynn - you have such a warm heart and a wonderful painting style that fit so well into the Painting With Friends group. I am so happy that I know you and so happy that you are my friend. I love your ornament, too! I know Terrye's children will treasure it! (((HUGS))) Sheila

  7. What a sweet way to give memory of such a wonderful friend and mother...I think it is a wonderful way to remember her.

  8. What a Beautiful post, Lynn! I still can't believe she is gone. I have a lot of her patterns and a few of her books. Love her work.

  9. I have been searching for a unique christmas painting for the upcoming holiday.


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