Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thyme for some outdoor decorating

Well after nearly a week I have ALMOST finished decorating
  both inside and outside for Christmas
this is my house from the street

now from the other side

This is my front door
The fruit arrangement over the door I made

I used to use real fruit
was not only costly but if
we had a mild winter the birds came to feast on it!
I bought wooden fruit, painted it and attached it to the board
It weighs over 100lbs
so its quite a feat getting it up over the door
especially if we have bad weather before we get it up there!!
 I made
he is over 4' tall

He has a sack over his shoulder I made, I still have to
 add some wrapped packages
He also has a small tree and doll in his sack
in the other hand he has a wreath and candle

he stands on a wooden base with Christmas trees
I usually add very large wrapped packages
and place on the steps around him
(on my to do list!!!!)

I made 2 of these Santa's as gifts one year!!!
on with the outside tour

a fence post crow I made

wreath high above the garage

breezeway porch door

A snowman sign I painted and some snow shoes I didn't make those!!!!  LOL!

I painted the snowman window you see
made the snowman family
of fence posts

I made a snowman  to represent my husband, I and our 3 children!
They all have knit sweaters and hats!
These are about 20 years old!!!
 I've also made several of these for gifts
over the years!
Hope you enjoyed my outdoor
Holiday Tour!!!
When I finish the inside
I'll invite you in for some hot chocolate!
Happy Painting!


  1. Love your decorations. Really love your door, may I ask what type it is?
    We have a raised ranch, but flat in front like yours. Now we have double doors and I want to convert to single with the panels.


  2. Everything looks so festive! I especially love the breezeway door, right up my alley. Can't wait to see the rest, Dawn

  3. Love your Christmas decor! I have a big
    Santa that I didn't get around to painting..
    I know you are wondering why I didn't,
    Well, me too..I can't wait to see the
    inside of your home all decked out!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  4. Thanks for the tour, you do some fabulous things.

  5. Oh what eye candy!! I love your home - the color is wonderful! Love the board and batten door and the new Santa is the perfect addition!!

    I'll save room for the hot chocolate!!

  6. I really enjoyed seeing your home decorated for the holidays! My favorite was the breezeway door, oh so prim!

  7. OHH Lynn! What an absolutely lovely home! You have it decorated so beautifully - I love the big Santa you made with the sack and wreath!
    It's all gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Best wishes

  8. Lynn the decorations are amazing, your house is so beautiful, I love it, just my size ;0)

    I think the fruit over the door is really neat, I can see how the weight might be a problem, and the birds eating it, but it sure does look nice. I love the painted snowmen representing your family that is such a wonderful gesture, I think I will have to get busy and try to create some things, you make it look so easy my snowman would come out deformed lol.

    Have a great Monday can't wait to come in and have some hot coco.



  9. HI Lynn,
    Love, love your decor. Your house is beautiful and the Santa is awesome. Great idea with the snowman family.

  10. Good Morning Sweet Lynn...
    How beautiful your home looks, and so inviting to all your winter guests. I would say everyone loves to come for a party, just to see what you have done.

    The archway over the door with the fruit is so original and beautiful. What a pretty contrast to the house paint. Stands out beautifully. Ofcourse who wouldn't want to be greeted by Santa with his pack of goodies. How cute is he? You did an awesome job.

    Now you know my favorite ofcourse would be the beautiful little snowmen family. I love snowmen. These are just as cute as they can be. The perfect place to greet guests.

    Your wreaths, all of them are so festive and pretty. I love real greenery and the smell and all, but here in the valley, it just dries out to fast, and with the cost, it is a waste to even invest anymore. I use the fake stuff, but I sure love yours. Thanks for sharing sweetie. You did a marvelous job.

    Country hugs and much love...Sherry

  11. I'm going to agree, very festive!

  12. You are so talented. I adore your fruit arrangement over your door. Plus you have such and awesome wood door. Love that giant santa... I SO WANT ONE! love your paintings and technique! I can't even draw stick people well. HA!

  13. Lynn, this is beautiful!! I love it all!! Santa's beard is soooo pretty!!

    Sooooo pretty!

    Lou Cinda :)

  14. Wow, you have been busy. I love it all!

  15. I LOVED the tour! What a beautiful -- and beautifully decorated -- home.

  16. I just love it all! My live in a house like that and if it ever happens I'm hiring you to decorate it! Your work and your artistic touch is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  17. How do you find the time to accomplish so much? It's beautiful! I hang my head in shame...I do well to get my tree up.

  18. Lynn,
    It's all beautiful and wonderful!!

    Very nice work and very fun blog.


    barbara jean

  19. Love your porch breezeway decorations; you have some wonderful decorating ideas. We'd love for you to share them with us on our site (Front Porch Ideas and Our site visitors would enjoy seeing them and we would link back to your site.


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