Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thyme for a snowman family and snowballs

This is a slate I painted
depicts our family

Our children's names are
Christopher, Andrew and Julie
I even painted a "snow dog"
for COLBY!

It says
The design came from the book
This Old Bowl
Margo Wightman
Speaking of snowmen.....
you need 
to make them

I've been making some
just chill and shake well
how's that for an easy recipe???

I got this huge jar at a flea market for $1.00!
so I filled it with the snowballs I made
I tied it with a BIG red check homespun bow
The label is another great label from

I made the snowballs fom styrofoam balls
I sprayed them with spray adhesive
and sprinkled with Diamond Dust......
I love that stuff!
I also put some snowballs in this
great narrow wood tray  I again found at a flea market

I added some greens
a grungy vanilla scented tag
that says

How's that for an easy centerpiece???
Happy Painting!


  1. Love the snowballs. The jar of snowballs is just too cute for words.

  2. What great ideas you have! Just love the snowballs - especially in the old jar. Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  3. Good Morning Sweet friend...
    How sweet is this. I am laughing because I put my snowballs out last week too. I have a tin pail that has a snowman painted on it. I piled my snowballs in there. I wanted to make a tag for the pail, thus why I asked about your colored tags.

    I love the way you put them on the long wood tray. That looks so festive. Love it.

    You tile painting is so precious of your family, and even the family dog. Lynn that is just the sweetest thing ever. Thanks for sharing. You are such a talented lady. You ispire me to try harder each day to be a little more creative.

    I finished a little chenille snowman last night that I have made for a gift. He has a little hat and scarf. I tea stained the chenille and he did turn out cute. I am going to post it tonight so you can see what I have been working on. I can sew, just can't paint.

    Much love and many hugs sweetie...Sherry

  4. Fun idea and easy to do. We used to use snotex paint, to make snow and depth to our pieces. Been a long time since I did things like that, will have to hit the craft store and see what new things are out there.

    Love your snow family.


  5. Having you as a mom must be every child's dream come true, your home must be so warm and enchanting!
    Your snowlady looks great in that green sweater. Your family portrait is lovely.
    Thanks for the idea of how to make snowballs, that sounds fast and easy...although knowing me, I'll get the diamond dust all over myself and the floor too. :D
    Oh, and thanks for the link to Jan's blog, I've been looking for labels!
    Thanks too...for stopping at my blog. I cannot believe that we were that close to your place and didn't know it!! *kicks self*
    Happy December 1st.

  6. You are blessed with such creativity!!

  7. Love the snowballs, what a cute and clever idea! Thanks for visting my blog and leaving such a nice comment...love hearing from you!

  8. Hi Lynn! I love what you've done with the Snowballs in the old jar! Thanks for all the kind words about the labels, it's such fun to see them used.


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