Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Thyme to show you "Oyster Bay Small Sea Chest"

I'm hoping that 
Mother Nature 
will soon decide that it is
 SPRING Thyme 
Cape Cod
and warm things up!
In the mean time I can paint things that remind me of SUMMER!

Let's step inside the STUDIO !

Today I am going to show you a project
Oyster Bay
( Small Reproduction Sea Chest)
Cynthia Erekson

My Palette

Victorian Blue, Honey Brown, Milk Chocolate, Lamp Black, Dove Grey, Neutral Grey, Sand, Paynes Grey, Burnt Umber, Antique Gold

Lets Paint!

I began by filling any nail holes.
I let that dry then sanded the filled areas smooth.
I wiped any dust then sealed my box 

I base coated the 4 sides of the outside of the chest
the outside of the lid with Victorian Blue.

When dry I base coated the base Lamp Black along with the edges.
I left some Victorian Blue showing through.

I then transferred just the ground areas to the front of the box.
The ground is base coated 
Honey Brown 
Milk Chocolate.

I used a Moon Brush to dry brush Antique Gold highlights to the ground area.

I also used a Moon Brush to dry brush the clouds.
I've begun working on the water as well.

I shaded around the edges of the box front using Lamp Black.

I then transferred the remaining details to the front of the box.

I am working on the buildings.

Adding detail to the buildings.

I have completed the boat and the whales tail.

I am now working on the lighthouse.

I am now working on the remaining details such as the foliage on trees, fences, weeds and dock.
I added a thinned Honey Brown wash over the completed scene to give it a "mellow glow".
To do this I dabbed the wash with a paper towel to create faint mottling.

Next I created a woodgraining glaze.

I began by pouring (1) nickel size puddle of Lamp Black.

I added (8) nickel size puddles of Glazing Medium

I mixed well with my palette knife.
I then added (4) nickel size puddles
Easy Float 
 mixed again.

I used a small paring knife
to chisel out some small craters 
on one end of a cork.
I used the flat side of a sponge brush
to "brush and swirl "
a complete coat of glaze starting to the back side of the box.

I repeatedly and closely stamped 
the pock marked cork
 into the glazed surface.
I continued over the surface several times
 until the pattern in the glaze
 became smaller and more complex.
I repeated the glaze process on the sides and top of box as well.

I let the glaze dry completely before proceeding.

Once the glaze had dried
 I measured off a 1/4" border 
on the cover of the box
 using tape.
I used a small dry stencil brush 
to pounce Honey Brown 
unevenly into this border.
I distressed some of the edges of the box.
I added the "brass label" using Honey Brown.
I used my liner brush
 with thinned Dove Grey 
to add the word OYSTERS
 to the label.

I applied several coats of Dura Clear Soft Touch Varnish to the box.

Completed Oyster Bay Sea Chest

Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt
 provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their 
Helping Artist and Blogger Outreach Programs.

Thank you DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint my
 Oyster Bay Sea Chest.

Happy Painting!


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