Friday, April 29, 2016

It is thyme to tell you that HOME is where you drop your anchor!

I have painted 
Cynthia Erekson's 
for several years now.
I just love her style of painting!

Our Chapter recently invited Cynthia to teach her

Drop Your Anchor

Perfect for Cape Cod!!

If you have ever taken a class with Cynthia 
you know that she cuts stencils 
for the initial base coating
of the project.

It is a huge time saver 
most students can go home with a finished project!

Thus eliminating that closet full of UFO's some of you may have from classes!

Everyone enjoyed working on their projects!

Sandi and Cynthia working the room!

Cynthia's projects always include learning some very interesting faux techniques!

Our finished project was mounted on a board that an old map had been decoupaged on!

We added some twine and an anchor to complete the project!

Such a fun day!
Thank you Cynthia and Sandi!

My completed project!

Happy Painting!


  1. Beautiful post, Lynn! I love your blog and seeing your works in progress. Cynthia's work is wonderful, too! Keep up the great work! <3!

  2. So pretty... Love it Lynn...


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