Monday, March 21, 2016

Thyme to paint with Lynne Andrews

I recently joined 
 Cape Cod Mayflower Decorative Artists Chapter

Lynne Andrews
recently came to teach
HARE'S Trouble
 our group

We could use a surface of our choice for the project
I chose this wood basket.
I have it base coated with the line drawing transferred.

Everyone is hard at work on their projects!

This is my project as I was working on it.

Lynne is not only a great teacher but she is also fun to paint with!

I did not complete my project in class!

I brought it home to complete it.

The lettering 
Lynne's projects
always beautiful
time consuming!

After the lettering was complete 
I gave it several light sprays 
Krylon Workable Fixative.

The "fixative" will set your lettering
 before you varnish 
prevent any smearing!

I applied several coats
Dura Clear Matte Varnish
to my piece.

This is the finished top to my basket.

The saying on the top of the basket reads:

"Where is HEAVEN? Is it not just a friendly garden plot, walled in stone and roofed with sun, where the days pass one by one, Surely God is in this place, for I have seen Him : face to face. "

This is a side view of the basket.

Here my finished basket. 
This was a fun SpRiNg Thyme project to paint!

Happy Painting !


Keep those brushes flying!
Lynn Barbadora @ Painting Thyme Needfuls

"Life is a great BIG canvas and you should throw all the paint you can on it!"
~ Danny Kaye