Friday, November 27, 2015

Thyme to show you a Woodside Santa

 I wanted to show you some
that I painted

is by
Cynthia Erekson

I was hosting a special luncheon for 3 dear friends 
I gave them as gifts
I put them in simple brown bags, 
attached a 
Christmas Tree 
cut out name tag
tied a pretty bow 
I hung the bags on each of my guests chairs

My Pallette

Antique White, Asphaltum, Bleached Sand, Buttermilk, Dusty Rose, Gingerbread, Lamp Black, Light Buttermilk, Light Cinnamon, Sable Brown, Sand, Snow White, Warm White

Emperor's Gold, Worn Penny

Ice Crystal


I used 
heavy canvas 
 this project

I used a
  sponge brush 
to apply gesso to my canvas

When dry , sand lightly and dust with a damp paper towel

We are now ready to PAINT!

I began by base coating my canvas with a few good coats of Antique White

I then transferred the main element of the design onto my canvas with graphite paper

Painting the face, eyes and beard.

I did all my shading using Scharff white bristle , moon filberts and dome brushes

I worked on several of these Santa's at one time!

Once the faces were completed I added the remaining pattern details

I used  
Dazzling Metalics 
Emperors Gold and Worn Penny
 to accent 
acorns, star, pear, crow and leaves on the vines

I used my stylus and Light Buttermilk to make various size dots to create the fur on the coat and hat
Once my dots  on the "fur" were completely dry I painted over them 
Glamour Dust Ice Crystal
What a pretty sparkle it adds!

Now to assemble the Santa's!

I used 
Arlene's Thick Designer Tacky Glue 
 it sets up QUICK 
less slippage

You can also use some 
bullfrog clips and rubber bands 
 help hold your Santa together
the glue sets

I varnished my Santa's with a few good coats 
DecoArt Dura Clear Matte Varnish

When dry the Santa is stuffed with cotton stuffing and a wood base added

I glued some 
WHITE boa fur 
around the top of Santa's hat
added a 
large rusty bell

This was a fun project to do!

The pattern for this project appeared 
in the 
December 2010 Issue of Quick and Easy Painting

provided me with the paints to complete this project.
Thank you as always for all your wonderful products to creat with!

You can see my DecoArt Blogger Profile

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint my 
Woodside Santa's!

Happy Painting !


  1. Did you buy the tree gift tags at the gas station? :) jk...

    What a great project! I love this Santa and ONLY you can add bling to prims and they look fabulous! ;)

    I did pull the project out but she didn't include the wooden base in the pattern, so it will be for another day to figure THAT out! ;) BUT my horsie is almost finished! LOL

    Thanks for sharing, my WICKED sweet friend...♡


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