Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Thyme for a "Magic Carpet" Santa and a visit to NET

Every year I look forward to attending 

While I did not attend any classes this year I always enjoy shopping at the trade show
meeting so many painting friends and designers!

New England Traditions is sponsored by New England Chapters Council
which is made up of the following Chapters:
Capitolers, Connecticut Society of Decorative Painters, Connecticut Yankee Painters, Pioneet Valley Decorative Painters, Sea Strokes of Maine Decorative Painters, Tole'nMe, White Mountain Decorative Painters' Guild, and Yankee Heritage Tole Chapter.

My first stop 
Cynthia Erekson's 
where I bought about 7 patterns, surfaces and supplies.
I just love painting her designs!

I have completed my first project 
"Magic Carpet "Santa

My Pallette

Lamp Black, Deep Burgundy, Medium Flesh, Buttermilk, Camel, Avocado, Plantation Pine, Charcoal Grey, Snow White, Honey Brown, Country Red, Light Buttermilk

I used Dazzling Metallics Splendid Gold on this project!

Let's Paint!

No sealer prep was needed for this project thus giving them a primitive look

I lightly sanded the surfaces then did my base coat using a sponge brush.
This gives your surface a light texture feel to paint on.
I then transferred the main parts of my design 
white graphite paper

Painting the facial detail and beard

Highlights were added to the hat and mittens by 
dry brushing 
on the
Dazzling Metallics Splendid Gold

These are fun, quick and easy ornaments to paint!

I decided to add some sparkle to Santa's beard


I gave my finished ornaments several coats of 

Now to add embellishments!
Don't you just love Santa's sack?


" Magic Carpet" Santa's

It was wonderful to see 
this year!

Thank you DecoArt 
providing the paints for me
 to complete this project as part of your

Helping Artist Program


I was fortunate enough to finally meet my good friend 
Deb Antonick!!!
It was Deb's first visit to New England and NET

Deb and I go back many years because of our involvement 
Painting With Friends
 the late
Terrye French

I also got to meet this wonderful lady
Betty Bowers

It was also Betty's first thyme at NET!

I purchased several packets and surfaces from these 2 ladies !
I will be posting their wonderful projects when completed!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint
"Magic Carpet Santa"
my visit 

Remember to always paint with a happy heart
keep those brushes flying!!!

Happy Painting !


  1. That sounds like a fun event to go to, would love to see all the painting arts in one place.
    Love your new project and can't wait to see what else you got.


  2. Hello, I was wondering where you got the santa ornament packet and wood, I would love to paint them!


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