Monday, November 16, 2009

Thyme to meet Gus

So here's Gus

How's that for a face! LOL!
Gus stands 58" tall
so he's a BIG GUY!

I love his Christmas tree
I wrapped with grapevine
 his sign says
welcome to our  "niche" in the woods
I added wood buttons to his shirt
a black checked scarf

Gus is a

Happy Painting!


  1. Hey, Gus! Nice to meet you, big guy! too, too sweet.

  2. Oh Lynn!
    Gus is such a handsome moose. I just love him. You should have someone take your picture standing next to him. He is so festive. I love his scarf and his little wood buttons.

    I bet your house sings country and prim all year round. I would love to just walk and look. I wish you would take more pics and share. I know it has to be beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing Gus this morning. He just takes my breath away.

    Love ya gal. Stop by soon. I so love the company. Country hugs...Sherry

  3. Wow! Gus is a really tall guy. You did a great job on him as usual Lynn.

  4. Whata face! :) I think I met Gus last Fall when I was still back home in Gorham, New Hampshire. :D
    What a classy fellow too...Welcome to our "niche" of the woods...I love that Lynn!

  5. I just sit here with my mouth hanging open when I look at your talent!

  6. Another great piece. I would love to do yard ornaments, but too lazy to paint something that big;)


  7. My goodness, Gus is a handsome fellow! I bet all the wooden girl mooses, meese, mice, however you say that, in the neighborhood just can't keep their pretty little wooden hooves off him!


  8. Great looking moose! Very debonair. I have a Christmas moose pin with a jingle bell on it. You have just given me a reminder to look for it for my Christmas shopping trips coming up!

  9. Oh my gosh Lynn Gus is so adorable holding that little tree. I love moose. I have never seen one but all your creations are so wonderful and such a delight to look at.


  10. Lynn,
    Your creations just take my breathe away ! I sit here ooooooooing and ahhhhhhhing and my family looks over at me like I've done flipped my lid lol ! Gus is sooooo pea pickin' cuteeee
    Just loveeeee seein'what you come up with.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  11. I just love Gus! Thanks for visiting my blog.


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