Monday, December 19, 2016

Thyme to paint a Christmas locket

5 days until Christmas!
Are you ready yet?

I'm almost ready! 
Today I wanted to show your some 
Christmas Tree Lockets 
that I painted

Design is by
Lynne Andrews
from her 
Seasonal Locket 

I added some of my own touches to the project and used different size lockets.

Lets step inside the STUDIO!

My Palette

Victorian Blue, Burnt Umber, Plantation Pine, Country Red, Blue Mist, White, Black Green
Lets Paint!

I painted my designs on watercolor paper

I penciled the simple tree shape on the watercolor paper.

I used Lowell Cornell Ultra Round brushes for the background washes with Victorian Blue

After the background wash I painted the tree trunk with Burnt Umber.
I then used a Traditions Dome Blender brush to stipple in the tree with Plantation Pine

I added some shading to the trees with  Black Green.

I used Silver Micron Mini detail brushes to add snow and ice to the trees with White

I added tiny little cardinals with Country Red.

I used my stylus to add softly falling snow.

I lightly sprayed the "little paintings" with Krylon Fixative. 

While it was still wet I sprinkled 

I measured my "mini paintings"carefully and cut them with a paper cutter.

I printed out some Christmas Music graphics that I had.
I also sprayed this with Krylon Fixative so the ink wouldn't run.
I sprinkled it with Glamour Dust while still wet.

I cut a piece of the music to fit the locket also.

I inserted the music in the locket to show on the back side.

I also painted some pocket watch lockets. 
I added several trees and painted some in the distance.

I added the Glamour Dust to these as well

The lockets paint up quickly!

Each comes out a little different!

I added some charms to the chains.

Back side of locket

Front side.

DecoArt provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their
 Helping Artist
 Blogger Outreach Programs

Thank you Rosemary Reynolds and DecoArt!

I hope you have enjoyed watching me paint these lockets!

Happy Painting !



Keep those brushes flying!
Lynn Barbadora @ Painting Thyme Needfuls

"Life is a great BIG canvas and you should throw all the paint you can on it!"
~ Danny Kaye