Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's THYME to paint an Olde World Santa

I am going to show you step by step
how I painted this 
Olde World Santa
Pattern Design 
Kristen Birkland, CDA

In case you are not familiar with 
I will give a brief background history

Zim's was founded by Cliff & Eleanor Zimmerman over 50 years ago. Zim's was very well known as a major pioneer in the Arts and Crafts Industry and built a reputation in that industry as a most innovative and reliable company.
It was 1995 when Zim's began to produce a charming line of unique nutcrackers and smokers for the Gift Industry and this marked their official entry into this market. For many years prior to this time, Zim's supplied products, raw materials, various components and manufacturing services for many producers of quality gift lines. With four years of successful production and marketing of the Heirloom Collectibles Line, Zim's began to plan the next quality line that they would produce. The Elves Themselves were introduced in January 2000 and became an overnight sensation. With these incredible successful lines of finished products abd 50+ years in the Arts & Crafts Industry, many people became familiar with Zim's name and consistent dedication to quality, creativity and service.

unfortunately went out of business several years ago.
Their unpainted surfaces are hard to find now, if you are lucky enough to find one they are often pricey.

Lets paint!

My Palette
Light Buttermilk, Shading Flesh, Fleshtone,Gingerbread,Tuscan Red, Royal Fushia, Persimmon, Light Cinnamon, Russet, Forest Green, Hauser Medium Green, Citron Green Lamp Black, Uniform Blue, French Grey Blue, Burnt Umber, Snow White
Dazzling Metalics Splendid Gold, Glamour Dust Ice Crystal

I started by first
coat, hat and pants
Tuscan Red

Transfer design using graphite paper

Painting detail along the bottom of the coat

The trees, and scroll work were painted with
Forest Green, Medium Hauser Green and highlighted with Citron Green

Further detail work was added using
Dazzling Metalics Splendid Gold

I then basecoated the fur trim on the hat, sleeves and coat 
Light Buttermilk

I added the various size dots on the back of the coat using
 the ends of 
different size brushes

my stylus

The various size dots were painted using
Dazzling Metallics
Splendid Gold

I then painted the mittens and the Christmas tree.


After I painted the tree it was dry brushed with
Dazzling Metallics
Splendid Gold

I then went back to working on the fur.
I used a stippler brush
Snow White
to go over the areas of the fur that I had previously painted

I immediately used my blow dryer on it 
which added texture to the paint.
I then painted the fur using
Deco Art Glamour Dust
Ice Crystal
to add some

Painting the shoes 

adding details to the base

Adding details to the hat

Painting the BLUE bird!

Almost done!
 I sprayed my Santa with 2 coats of
MATTE Sealer/ Finisher

THYME to give Santa a beard!

Are you ready to see him?

Olde World Santa

This was a fun piece to paint!

Deco Art provided me with the paints to complete this project as part of their
Helping Artist Program
Blogger Out Reach Program

Happy Painting!


  1. He is a wonderful piece and I love how you painted him.
    I will keep an eye out when I hit our consignments, now that it is cooler, I like to shop in them for fun.


  2. He came out AMAZING, Lynn! I loved seeing the step-by-steps, too! Beautiful job! I love him! xoxo

  3. I completely enjoyed this! Your work is breathtaking! :)

  4. These pieces remind me of our time in Germany when I was a young military wife and just starting to collect Christmas treasures. You are a wonderful artist, thanks for sharing. ~*~Lisa

  5. Buonasera Lynn, sono una nuova Bloggerina, mi sono iscritta nei suoi Followers,
    Le faccio i miei complimenti, tutto cio' che crea e dipinge è bellissimo!!! Trovo nei suoi lavori stile ed eleganza anche nel country painting.
    Finalmente ho creato un mio blog, per poter postare le mie creazioni di pittura, decoro e cucito!!!
    Un cordiale saluto da...Carmen...Milano...Italia


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