Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's thyme to paint a FLAG runner in the stairs

After painting my

 Play it again Sam Mural

in my stairs I decided I couldn't stop there!
I decided to paint a FLAG runner in the stairs! 
Here is the step by step process that I used to paint it

You can read about how I painted 

Play it again Sam mural

When we bought the house the stairs were carpeted
we removed the carpeting. 
Underneath was just plywood so we had to buy all new stair threads adnd risers
which made this project  somewhat easier

Wow! 13 risers x 13 stair threads = 26 new surfaces to paint on!!

I first primed all the stair threads and risers


I painted all the stair risers using 
Olde Century paint

The color I used was Old Navy
I added a product from 
to my paint to 
make it durable for floors

Stair threads

I stained each of the stair threads using 
MinWax Golden Oak
My husband then installed them in the stairway

He then installed the NAVY blue risers that I had painted

I then proceeded to measure 
 tape off where my runner would be painted
I basecoated that using several coats of white allowing 
each coat to dry well in between.
This was

My stairs go up to a landing then turn
then there are 5 more steps up to the second floor

stairway looking down from top

after applying about 5 good coats of 
WHITE paint
allowing it to dry
I measured and taped off for the 
RED stripes
( the BLUE you see is my painters tape)

 first painted where the RED stripes 
would be with a base coat of GRAY as a primer
as RED is a very difficult color to paint and get good coverage!

This whole process took me about 2 weeks to complete
We were still able to carefully go up and down the stairs 
stepping only on the very sides of the stair threads where it had been stained

It was so EXCITING to remove the tape and see the stripes after all that hard work!!

Now it was thyme to paint the field of the flag runner!

I painted the landing in the stairs with Old Navy
the same color that I had painted the risers

Now to paint some stars!!!!!

I consulted my "in house engineer" AKA husband Pete to plan out 13 
perfectly placed stars in a circle as a template

I then used a stencil to draw the stars on, 
I then hand painted them on the BLUE field

stairway looking from top 
completed BLUE field

I finished the flag runner by applying about 5 coats of 
MinWax Polycrylic Protective Finish
 to protect them
This product is water based.

This was a BIG project to complete but oh so worth it!!

Happy Painting !

"Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. 
Make sure your picture is full of life and happiness, 
at the end of the day you don't look at it 
wish you had painted something different." 
~Author Unknown


  1. Wow! This was incredible! What a beautiful addition to your home it was Lynn! You have patience girl! I really enjoyed seeing this come to life. What an inspiration you are to so many! Thank you for sharing it! :) <3!!! Sheila


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