Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thyme to pick apples and school days

Can you believe that it is almost
Wow where has the summer gone?
I am now painting for 2 shops so can we say

This is a welcome sign that I have painted using a
John Sliney Design
Nature & Company

I also painted the cider sign
I bought the little desk you see in my header a few years ago
 in an
Antique Shop
I painted the design on the top of it with a
John Sliney Design

design called
Jordan Goes to School

I just love this little desk
In the fall I usually put it out on my porch to decorate.
When it is inside the house
one of my favorite bears likes to sit at it!
Happy Painting!



  1. Mi piace molto John Sliney, e quel corco sulle mele è semplicemente adorabile. Brava Lynn.
    Baci e Buona Domenica,

  2. Lynn, I never tire of looking at your studio transformation pictures! The desk is adorable as is the signboard. Not familiar with John Sliney although that's also not my style to paint. Love looking at what you do with it though! Just lovely!

  3. Wonderful designs, love his work.
    I haven't checked out the new books in the craft stores, but not the selection I used to have when we had a good craft store. Have been in the mood to paint lately and most of my old books are too cutesy.


  4. Oh your blog looks so cute! Love all the apples. The school desk is adorable! Have a great week!!

  5. Love that little desk Lynn!
    Your new blog background and all is so "back to school-ish/apple pickin' time" and makes me think of picking MacIntosh apples in NH when I was a kid!
    Have a great day.

  6. I love that little desk! I have some bears that would like to sit at it too! LOL

  7. Hi there Lynne
    Wow great pieces. I love that John Sliney pattern with the apples. It is one of my favs.
    I see you have been quite busy. Lovely painting as always. I am geering up for fall shows now, time to put paper away and paint again.
    Take care, lesley


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