Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thyme spent with a good friend and a BLIZZARD in New England

Last Saturday I met my good friend 

for a post holiday dinner.
Brenda and I met thru blogging
we live in different states
but live just an hour from each other.

 We decided to meet at
Gibbit Hill Grille

Groton MA.
My daughter Julie is a chef there!

 This is
The Barn at Gibbit
where functions are held

 Night time view of
The Barn

This is a view of the Grille Restaurant from up stairs

the bar area

dining room where we enjoyed

After dinner and dessert
we enjoyed coffee by the fire

And so like this sign I have painted........
we SAT long,
we TALKED much and
we LAUGHED often!!!!!
Thank you Brenda once again a wonderful thyme spent with you!

I have been really busy packing

we bought a
retirement home on
Cape Cod
will be closing on it

Oh.............I cannot wait!

We are experiencing
here in
New England
Right now we have over 18" of snow
it is STILL snowing

my snow family on my back porch

Looking out my back door
it is all so long as you are at home warm and safe.
Be careful if you are experiencing
Mother Nature
as we are today!


  1. I had a great time and will definitely be going back to GH. We must find a new place for the next road trip. It'll be fun...well, if we ever make it out of our igloos that is, LOL!

  2. Lovely snow pics Lynn! Looks like you are more than ready to head to the Cape. Did you get 18" today? Wow! Hope it will stop soon so you can go ahead with your plans ;-)
    Your little red house & hearts looks very familiar!!!
    Stay warm and safe~

  3. glad you had a wonderful time with a fellow blogger..I hope to meet some of my fellow bloggers that restaurant..and loved it at night..:) love your snow photos.;)

  4. What fun Lynn!! Bonnie loves it at the grill - someday I have to try it with hubby!

  5. What a wonderful place to meet and enjoy an afternoon.
    We got a lot of snow too, but leaving the area finally, but I guess it is still hitting your area.


  6. How exciting to be buying your new home! My dream trip is to come explore the east coat one of these days - maybe we could have dinner at that cozy restaurant! Can't wait to see more pictures of your new place, Dawn P.S. Stay safe and warm with all of your snow!


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