Friday, August 27, 2010

Thyme for School Days

Wow! I can't believe
the summer is coming to an end
for many
teachers and students alike....
Its back to school!
To all those returning to school
I hope you have a great year!
I have posted pictures before of
this old childs desk I found and painted
for those of you who missed it
I'm posting it again
I used a John Sliney Design
Jordan goes to school
to paint this

I've started putting out some Fall decorations here and there!
I love painting and decorating for Fall
I continue to be busy painting in preparation for the
fall preview open house for the shop I paint for.
The theme for it is
make your own scare crow
so I've been busy painting
"Scarecrow Accessories"
Crows, pumpkins, signs etc.
I'll post some pictures of them soon!
Hope you all have a great weekend!
Happy Painting!


  1. Wonderful painting for the desk.
    I was thinking I might start putting out my fall things.
    Still want summer and nice weather, but in the mood to redecorate and why not put those out early;)


  2. Oh, how precious! That sure tugs at my (I was once a teacher) heart.

    No fall decorations here just yet, but school starts Monday and we are all excited and ready. Hooray for fall!


    P.S. My word verification was: blesses. A good sign, I hope!

  3. Wow Lynn what a great desk. Are you going to share pictures of your fall decor with us?
    Hope so


  4. Oh how pretty. I have an old school desk. My hubs and I bought it at an auction 30 years ago. I won't part with it. Not painted and it is pretty rough...but I still love it! No fall decor yet, but I am thinking about it!!

  5. School started here on Monday and so far the kids are both doing OK. They're both in new schools this year so I was a bit nervous. Hard to belive the first week is over already! One week down...35 more to go! LOL

  6. oh that little desk is way to cute..great job..can't wait to see everyones fall decorating...have a great weekend.:)

  7. Lynn, I love this! Hmmm... I have an old childs desk too, now you've got me thinking!

  8. Love, love The Musicbox Dancer and I wish you'd come to my house and decorate for fall =) You have a lovely blog.

  9. 's so cute; you did such a wonderful job painting it. I love it!


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