Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baath thyme and a Banner Tutorial

 This is a wreath I made
using part of a design by
Renee Mullins
You can find Renee at
 Plum Purdy Designs
I first cut out the sheep and painted him

I added a rusty star to his penney rug
tied a rusty bell around his neck
with  homespun

I drilled tiny holes in the sheep and
attached him to a small grapevine wreath

I made a banner for the wreath using coffee stained muslin
 I cut out a
banner shape
I stitched it together
adding a piece of
interfacing between layers


Kim Dewalt
Old Road Primitives
for the banner tutorial!

 Banner Tutorial

Iron - on Transfer Method
Open up a blank MS Word document . Center your cursor
 on the page.  In the toolbar, at the top of the document,
click on INSERT, PICTURE, and then WORD ART.
a Word Art box will appear, click which ever box you would like.  
Once you click on a box, a text box will appear,
type your saying into that box.  This is where you can choose a
different style and size font.  Once you are finished click OK.  Click on
your saying.  Now your saying should have a box around it.  A small
Wort Art toolbar should appear.  Click on Format Word Art.  That is the button 
with the paint can and brush.  A new box will appear,
under the COLOR and LINES tab you can change the FILL and LINE color
 of your saying by clicking on the COLOR drop down boxes
 and picking out the colors that you would like your saying to be.
Click on your saying again and once again your saying
should have a box around it.   In the very bottom left hand corner
of your Word Document, click on the words DRAW, then click
on FLIP OR ROTATE, then click on  HORIZONTAL.
This will give Your saying the "MIRROR IMAGE" that you will
need to print it onto iro-on transfer paper.  If you would like
 to make your saying bigger....click on your saying until the
box around it appears again, put your cursor in the
 corner until you see an arrow, drag the corner out to
 the size that you would like your saying to be. You are now ready
to print your saying onto iron - on transfer paer.
Follow directions on package of iron - on transfer paper
 for ironing onto your fabric

Here is my finished wreath!

I hung this wreath on the door to my
Baaaaaaaaath room!
Happy Painting!


  1. I love that Lynn!! Great job!!


  2. That's awesome Lynn, and that tutorial is great also! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my son sweetie, it is wonderful angels like you and faith that will see me through the times ahead, ((BIG HUGS)) to you!!!

  3. Another wonderful idea! Thanks for the tutorial, too! I love the banner!
    Best wishes

  4. Ok girlfriend I love this wreath. And I can't believe I am learning so many new things you are just a wonderful source of info. Thank you I have always wondered how to do this.

  5. I love it! You did a wonderful job on it!


  6. Hi Lynn, Thanks for giving me credit on the tutorial! Can you still get copies of Prim Sisters Gazette? You guys have already hit 90 degrees? We haven't had a 70 degree day yet! Love your new wreath! You are an awesome artist! Blessings, Kim

  7. I love it too Lynn! And, it is such a great idea for a bathroom. Also, thanks for the tut! I love coming by to see what you are up too. I am never disappointed.


  8. I love it-thanks so much for the tutorial and info-I would love to be able to make that banner,
    Shazy x

  9. as always I love your creations..thanks for the tip on the tutorial..

  10. Love your Baaaath wreath Lynn!!!! Great job!!



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