Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thyme for the magic to continue and a cup of cocoa

Have some cocoa and come on in.....

As I said in my previous post
 I have always called my preparations for the
 Holiday Season
so thats what I'm still
I'm feeling a bit nostalgic
I thought I'd post an old picture of my children
20 years ago to be exact

I loved seeing their faces on Christmas morning
it truly was magical
it made all the preparations
 leading up to it

One  year Andrew got this letter from
There are 4 and 1/2 years between
Christopher & Andrew

Christopher had a mountain bike
Andrew wanted one so much!!
we thought Andrew wasn't quite old enough for one
left this letter for Andrew explaining that he wouldn't be getting
his mountain bike for
 another year
I put the letter out every year on my desk at Christmas!
Every year I made ornaments for my chilldren
so that when they left home
they could take them with them

I had them do a thumprimt in ink
and I made a little mouse drawing out of it each year
they loved to see the different
thumb prints each year as they grew

I made these Santa's for them one year
the Santa's had a little tree in their hand
with their names on it
they each have quite a collection of ornaments
So many precious memories.....

back to reality

here is that stairway today.........
how I miss those little faces
at the top of the stairs on

I made some more
SANTA hats
 and put them on the posts

I put one on the top of the tree in the living room
made a list of who's
naughty and nice!

twiggy tree in living room

front door

I painted the  SANTA sign
This little sleigh is precious to me
My mother always made a flower centerpiece for our Xmas table
My  Dad who is no longer with us made the sleigh
for her arrangement one year
The reindeer (there are 4)
my husband made with my daughter Julie when she was about 5

These bears all join Santa and his sleigh and reindeer

my family room
 with stockings hung....
I made and embroidered them
with all our names

I don't think I have to tell
how tired one gets
so this weekend I am having fun!!!
I am heading to
Cape Cod
for a girls weekend
with my mother and sisters
My oldest sister just bought a new home in
Brewster on the Cape
I made this sign for my sister
as a
for having us all!

 I had this wreath made
my friend 

So here's hoping you all have a great weekend
I know I will!


  1. Oh what precious memories you have and how lucky your children are to have such a talented mom! The pictures of your home are beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your mom and sisters.

  2. Man, you're good! My Prince still believes, and I swear my heart jumps for joy when I see the silly old Santa at the mall... I'm such a pushover! LOL!

  3. Your magic is really shining through! I know what you mean about missing your children being home - especially this time of year. Do you have grandchildren yet? That opens a whole new door... Have a great weekend, Dawn

  4. What wonderful memories. I hope you have a great weekend.
    It will be cool but nice, last I heard, so have fun.


  5. Hi Lynn. Your memories are so much like ours, they are precious.... Your home looks just wonderful and festive. Enjoy your weekend with your Mom and sisters...what I wouldn't do to be able to have a weekend like that. Have fun!

  6. Awwww...look at those sweet faces! They grow up so soon.
    Have a great time and what great gifts to bring!

  7. What a wonderful post! Our kiddos are 8, 5, and 2 ... so "the magic" is abundant around here -- which is such a gift. Their excitement makes all of the decorating and preparing more than worthwhile.

    Enjoy your Cape Cod weekend ... and all of those sweet Christmastime treasures and memories.

  8. Love the letter from Santa! Too cute!

  9. Great post Lynn filled w/such happy magical memories! I love your Holiday fave is the Santa hat atop the tree with the list...very cute :)

    Hope ya had a fun time at the Cape!

  10. Hi Sweetie...
    Great post, and oh boy you are taking the weekend off. I think you have been very good this year, and you needed this rest. I hope you and the girls had a wonderful time. How fun.

    I love the picture of the kids at the head of the stairs. Aren't those little faces just priceless? I love it. We have those scenes forever etched in our memories. I have a few of those myself.

    Thank you Lynn as always for sharing with me today. I so love it when you do. Things sure are looking magical there at your house.

    Country hugs and much love sweetie...Sherry

  11. Hi Lynn...this is lovely post, just a home should be at Christmas. I enjoy my time here so much you can find an award for you on my blog...I hope you will accept it.
    Warmest hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane


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