Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thyme for a Blessed Winter Day

As a child I loved to ice skate
My Dad always made an ice skating rink in our
back yard every winter
My sisters, brother and & I along with our friends would spend hours out there ice skating
then come inside to a wonderful cup of  hot chocolate
I've hung up my skates

and painted them !!!!
I've filled the skates with snow covered greens,
red berries, cinamon sticks
I laced the skates up
a red plaid homepun fabric
tied rusty bells to the ends
I've added some artificial snow paint
diamond dust to make them sparkle



  1. Awwwhhh...that skate is sooo sweet! Your story takes me back in time to our skating rink in the back yard, I haven't thought about that for years! I really love what you did with your skate, what a fun piece!

  2. Your skate turned out great Lynn. When I was a little girl we used to skate on a creek that was behind our house.

  3. Living in the south we didn't have snow very often, certainly not enough to skate on. We did have cardboxes which we used as a sled to slide down the sides of the overpass near our house - I guess you would have had to be there - anyway, I love the skates. Adding the fabric ribbon and flowers is so unique.

  4. Lovely skate!. It is beautiful. Love your story too.

  5. Great memories! We had a pond on the back of our farm where we would trudge through the snow and skate for hours. This year we have a canal behind our house and I'm buying skates for the grandchildren - I hung mine up a long time ago! Your skate is adorable. Have a great day, Dawn

  6. Your skate is so cute! I remember the days too. Rink was at the bottom of the sky hill only a block from our house. They had a little warming hut you could buy cocoa from. Thanks for the great pic and story!

  7. You make the greatest stuff. I wish I had even a quarter of your creative imagination!

  8. Good Morning Lynn...
    Oh sweetie is this skate beautiful or what? I so love it. What a wonderful job you did on this painting.

    I have a childs pair of white ones that I bought at the thrift store. I am going to paint them pink and I wanted to glitter them too. What is the process for this diamond dust? I want to add a row of feathery type substance around the top of the shoes and fill it with pearls and little candy canes and jewel type things. I thought they would be beautiful hanging or sitting on my mantel this Christmas.

    Have a beautiful day. I always love visiting to see what you have done for today.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  9. Lynn, your skate is so cute! What a wonderful idea and the memories attached, I know
    are priceless!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. From another southern girl with limited experiences ice skating...two in all my years and one of those was on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN...cherish those memories of your homemade rink. Love your skate!

  11. That is just adorable and so sentimental!!! I would leave it out all winter!!! I just love it!

    Lou Cinda :)

  12. Hi Lynn,
    Love that skate! Oh heck I love shoes in general, but when they are painted or trimmed in any way, I think they become very special. Especially when they have memories attached.
    Warmest hugs,


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