Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thyme to look out the window

I can't believe what I see outside

SNOWFLAKES the size of golfballs!
It's October 18th!!
Looks like a long cold winter ahead in good
Ole New England!
This is an old window I painted using a
Terrye French Pattern
 Lookin In
You can find Terrye French designs
I left the glass panes in the window. 
After I finished painting the design I sprayed the snow areas with a spray adhesive
 and sprinkled diamond dust over the snow areas, so the snow actually glistens.
I love this window !


  1. Hi Lynn, I love that window also, you did an awesome job on it! I saw on TV the you all were getting snow up that way. We are in the 60's today. We had our snow last weekend!

  2. Hi Lynn, I love this window too...

  3. Love the window you just finished! We've been watching the Patriot's game and all the snow they are playing ing! To early for that stuff. Here in Idaho we've had an unseasonally beautiful day in the 70's.
    Stay warm!

  4. Oh the snowmen are lovely. What a great job.


  5. Hallo Lynn,
    you find the Terrye French's project I've realised in the book "Winter Holly & Christmas Jolly". Spectacular book!!!!!!
    Hi Milvi

  6. Your window is really cute...good job! And just in time for the real thing!!

  7. Love your window Lynn. You did a great job!!!

  8. snow....OH BOY!!! OH BOY!!!! OHH BOY!!! I love snow....ok for like the first week the window.

  9. Lynn thank you for popping over today to visit me and read the Fairy story. I hope you have a wonderful day.


  10. Love your window! I have one that
    I thought I would paint a Santa scene
    for..I like your snowman better! Love your picture on your profile! I got my long hair cut off in Oregon and it is about like yours! Happy painting!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  11. That is just too cute for words...what a great job! I just love the snow and miss it so much!

    Happy paintings ;-)

    Kind Regards,

  12. p.s. This is my first time visiting yoru blog, Lynn, and I find it very cozy and homy ;-)

    I noticed you have a doggy too...why don't you enter Colby in my Pet Costume Contest that I'm having on my blog and you can win up to $15 worth of my stuff and FREE shipping?

    You can enter him in any costume, be it ever so simple, just a hat and a little story to go wtih it. You can find out more on my blog and look at all the other 11 contestants - they are just adorable. I even have a honeybee in the lineup, can you imagine?

  13. I have never repainted an old do such great the window.

  14. Neat window. The diamond dust is a great way to make it sparkle. The only snow here is in my paint room where I'm "snowed under".

    I'd never make it living up north. Where do you spray paint in such cold weather?


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