Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There's still thyme to keep on painting till the Folk Art Festival of New England

I think I will be still be painting on my way out the door
on Friday
in Marlboro

Here are 2 signs I finished last night

I really love how these came out
The peppermint sticks on the above sign
I  made from wood dowels
I painted the dowels barn red, stained them
tore coffee stained muslin into strips
wrapped it around them and glued
I added tiny eye screws to the top
I could wire them to the sign
I then sprayed them with adhesive glue
sprinkled with Diamond Dust

I just LOVE the sparkle of Diamond Dust
It not only make my pieces sparkle
but the floors on my house too.........

with all this painting going on ,
WHO has time for Cinderella chores?????

Happy Painting!


  1. Love, love, love both these signs! Your hard work is evident in the care and attention to detail you put in them. Wishing you every success on Fri.
    Best wishes

  2. You do nice work. These two signs are just lovely. Enjoy your Folk Art Festival. I'm sure you'll do well ;-)

  3. Gorgeous..love the way you made the candy canes. Wow, you will have a sparkling house without even cleaning, with all that diamond dust on the floors. What could be better?

  4. Cute, I know you will do well at the
    show! I signed up to do Char's swap, so
    I better get to painting!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  5. Love your signs Lynn. I'm sure you'll sell lots of your wonderful creations at your show. Please try to remember to take pics of your booth if possible. I would love to see it :)

  6. Good luck at the show this weekend. I hope to get there Sunday!!

  7. Lynn these are wonderful pieces and the details you put into them. Very clever girlie.
    Good luck and as I finish up Friday I will be thinking of you heading out the door with paintbrush in hand and putting on last minute details on something. Let us know how it all went.

  8. I love the first so much, Lynn!!!!!!
    Hugs.... Milvi

  9. I love your peppermint cocoa sign! The sticks would work good separately as ornaments too.


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