Cape Cod Mayflower Decorative Painters

Cape Cod Mayflower Decorative Artists

On this page I will share the projects that I have painted at the Chapter meetings
with links to view additional pictures of the the project and classes

Hares Trouble

March 2016 Meeting
was taught 
Lynne Andrews

You can see additional pictures of this class and project

Drop Your Anchor

April 2016 meeting was taught 
Cynthia Erekson

You can see additional pictures of this class and project

This is a Memory Box that I painted for the Chapter that will be donated to a local Hospice

Rebecca Trimble

You can see progress pictures of this project


Tis The SEAson

January 2017 meeting was taught
 by Claire Bartlett

Claire is one of our members. This was an informal class. We were given the choice to paint a shirt with a "free hand design" or use a pattern of our choice. Or we could paint on any fabric piece. I chose to paint a small hand towel using a Cynthia Erekson design. I have painted this design several times and used it in different ways.

Follow the link to see other projects that I have painted using this design.

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